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What Our Past Graduates Say About Us

Jeremy Ong
Jeremy Ong
Corporate job to
Startup Founder

"I used to work as a digital marketer in multinational companies, however I had so many ideas that it feels like a calling for me to be an entrepreneur. My journey started with WordPress but it was frustrating whenever I need more features – it's always either paying others to do it or taking weeks to figure out myself. This, to me, was not a long term solution if I want to build a business."

Yen Ping
Yen Ping
Pharmacist to
Software Developer

"I enjoyed the problem solving thought process & hands-on experience which I got from NEXT Academy's bootcamp – it's not something you'll get from your normal schools… It changed my life and my perspective. I may not be a pharmacist anymore, but why not aim to transform the landscape instead?"

Fung Wei Tan Tai
Project Manager to

"The Bootcamp taught me how to think like a developer, I am now able to better manage my team and plan our technology roadmap for the future, I now also have many more mentors and friends to pull on when I am in need of technical advice."

Jeremy Ong
Ethian Lum

"I really enjoyed this bootcamp. Learned a lot of new things and did not know there was so much to learn about coding. Really intense course but enjoyed it all. Will miss NEXT Academy a lot. Thanks for the great memories and lessons!"

Yen Ping
David Pee
Hospitality Management Line
to Coder

"Overall, I enjoyed this bootcamp. All the mentors are very helpful. They really helped me a lot in the boot camp. They encouraged me along the way, gave me suggestions in coding, and they are always here when I needed them in many ways."

Leo Leow
Founder of

"I picked up C++ and Java in University but didn't learn how to build a real world apps. After learning Ruby on Rails from NEXT Academy, I was able to build FixSensei's app. At NEXT Academy, I was also exposed to the startup community. They have networking events frequently and I've met people who helped me in my entrepreneur's journey."

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