2 Simpler Ways To Unblock Useful Sites In Malaysia

Written by NEXT Academy
Posted on 19 August 2016 in random hacks

There are easier ways than changing your VPN

Ever encountered the problem where you wanted to read a useful or educational article but couldn’t because it was for some reason being blocked by the authorities?

We’re sure many of us here in Malaysia would have faced this problem at some point in the past 2 years in light of recent events happening in our country that led to the blocking of major content sites such as Medium.

The popular way to get around this problem involves changing the VPN addresses of your web browser. However, there are many instances where it is troublesome for us to do so. One such example is when you are trying to read an article on your mobile device.

To ease your pain, we’ve come up with 2 simpler ways you could get around this problem so you could read your favourite articles in peace.

1. Pass The URL Through A Site Unblocker


This solution is simple. Simply copy the url to the article that you are trying to access and paste it onto a site unblocker like unblocksite.org.

A simple Google search would reveal plenty of alternatives to the above service.

2. Save The Article To An App Like Pocket


Alternatively, you could save the blocked article that you wish to read to a read-later app like Pocket. This works because a service like Pocket scrapes the article you wish to save using its own servers which are hosted elsewhere.

To save an article to Pocket, all you need to do is to install the chrome extension, open the link to the article you wish to read and click on the “save to pocket” icon. Alternatively, you could also share the article directly to the Pocket app if you are on mobile.

Besides that, saving and reading your articles on Pocket can also turn out to be quite a good experience.

You can download the app and create an account here.

*Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored article by Pocket, we are recommending the service purely because we genuinely found that it helps us solve the problem of getting access to blocked articles.

Have Fun Reading!

We hope these 2 simple hacks helped made your life better.

Enjoy your articles and have fun reading!

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