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AirAsia Wants You To Learn to Code Because…

AirAsia is an an e-commerce platform where software developers make their code more efficient just to make over 5 figures more each day.

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Last week, we had our exclusive industry event for NEXT Academy graduates through our exclusive collaboration with AirAsia and we were wrong to think that AirAsia is just an airline.

I’m Josh, the founder of NEXT Academy. I want to share with you how AirAsia uses code to sell US$100k more in air tickets everyday.


“NEXT Academy collaborates and organizes regular graduates-only industry sessions with high level executives, experts and entrepreneurs of successful companies. Our mission is not just to equip our graduates with the ability to create apps but also to support them in turning their ideas into businesses and/or getting hired at the best companies.”

AirAsia is an extremely technology heavy company. Apart from building apps with code, AirAsia combines code with user experience design and marketing psychology.

For instance, if they reduced their average website load time by a few seconds by making their code and databasequeries more efficient, they would make over 5 figures more each day.

AirAsia is a low cost airline that focuses on making profits through ancillary revenue, selling you extra stuff like insurance, food and beverage onboard.

The way to optimize these ancillary sale, is to use code to build in intelligence into their ecommerce platform to know what is the best thing to upsell you on at the right time.

The technology could know whether to sell you an umbrella if it detects rainy season at your destination or sell you insurance because it knows u belong to the demographic that is likely to buy.

These are just some of the examples of the things our graduates learn from industry sessions.From startups to big companies, the game changing factor is technology and intelligence.

The answer to the continuous growth of every industry from agriculture to finance to oil and gas is to invest heavily in technology.

Code is the fundamental knowledge to achieve all these. And because of that, it’s in your best interest to learn to code if you want to be a successful entrepreneur, innovator, and/or creator.

Being able to code will give you an extremely lucrative career the next 30 years.

NEXT Academy had an amazing journey seeing over 1500 of our graduates from 15 different countries come and learn to code at NEXT Academy. The startups built by our graduates are worth well over US$50million.

If you are seriously considering to learn to code, join our upcoming course at NEXT Academy, we promise you that it will be the fastest and most effective way.

We also heavily invest in your future. We don’t just teach you to code. We want to support you in building successful companies and in getting jobs from the best companies around the world!

Join us for 10 weeks of your life. If you’re going to spend another 20-35 years working, 10 weeks is nothing. Plus it’s just 0.01% of your life for something that would absolutely widen your opportunities for better career options.

We have a 12 months 0% installment plan with Maybank credit cards and we accept Bitcoin as payment.

Want to start learning and thinking about how to start? Check out what are the obstacles that might be stopping you from coding.

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