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13 May 2019
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8 Tips to Optimize Your Facebook Ads – Hack Your Way to Massive Success on Facebook

Learn the pros’ secrets to getting the best ROI from your Facebook campaigns! by Daniel Nguyen, CMO & Partner of Aurora Digital     More and more people are spending money on Facebook Ads, leading to substantially higher CPM (Cost per 1.000 impressions) and higher CPE (Cost per Engagement). You pay more while achieving less. […]

26 February 2018
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Traditional Marketing Versus Digital Marketing For Business Owners

So you have a business and you’re unsure how to promote it to the world. Do you place ads on the radio? Do you print flyers? What about these ads you’ve been seeing on Facebook and YouTube? Are they something you can get into, or are they just things you should leave to the techies? Also, what’s […]

8 September 2017
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[INFOGRAPHIC] Lets Face It, Businesses Are Going Digital (And Why You Should Too)

We’re now living in an age where tech is a part of every aspect of our lives. Industries are changing quick, and are being disrupted by radical tech startups that are leveraging technology to make our lives easier and this is especially true for the marketing and advertising industry! Do you recall scrolling down your Facebook […]

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