11 April 2017
Coding, Digital Marketing, Webinar

Improving Workplace Efficiency With Digital Marketing & Coding

In this final part of the premium content series, we’re going to talk about how to use Digital Marketing and Coding to improve workplace efficiency. “Workplace efficiency” refers to improving any area which improves business outcomes. Example: Internal processes, hiring, marketing, team communication. Startups have become very adept at utilizing technology to get quick results, as […]

10 April 2017
Coding, Digital Marketing, Webinar

Why Everyone Should Learn 1 Digital Skill In 2017

Let’s have a serious conversation about why everyone should learn a digital skill in 2017. We’re now living in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We’re talking about things like AI. Robots. Self-driving cars. Genetic editing. The use of technology to automate business big time. Also, massive downsizing of companies due to automation. This revolution is about […]

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