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For a Better Future in Malaysia

The truth of the matter is that we may not have competitive advantage in the future. Tech companies are changing the way the world works.

1 July 2016

Is Jack Ma A Hypocrite?

“My biggest mistake is building Alibaba,” said Jack Ma. It shocked the world. In fact, it was probably one of the shortest Jack Ma articles I’ve read. It seemed to me that even the media itself have a tough time digesting this new revelation. It was almost a taboo subject without much of a mention. […]

30 June 2016

Daniel Chong

BANKER TO CODER – graduated June 2016 “Taking a leap of faith, I left my Finance job because I wanted to start my own business and kickstart my entrepreneur journey. With no programming knowledge, I decided to join NEXT academy iOS Mobile Development bootcamp to learn how to develop mobile apps for my business idea. […]


Michael Chan

HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATE TO CODER – graduated June 2016 Joining the iOS bootcamp at NEXT academy was one of my best life decisions. I was totally new to coding and much younger than others, however everyone treated me as an adult, my mentor helped me with bugs and explained concepts I didn’t understand. The best […]



Instagram is one of the unicorns of Silicon Valley and was acquired by Facebook for a whooping USD 1Billion back in 2012! Through building Instagram, you will discover how to build the user-friendly layout that millions loved and how to integrate with Firebase, Googles popular cloud and backend service.

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