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Learning how to use them and understanding the digital landscape is crucial. It is important to strategise wisely. First, educate yourself on how these aspects can help you and your business. Next, you can plan ahead on how to create a strong and impactful digital campaign.

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Singapore Institute of Management (SIM)

Practical Digital Leadership for Manufacturing Sector

With more than 25+ classes and 450+ students, this ongoing Digital Leadership series has been conducted in SIM for the Manufacturing Sector since 2020

In this partnership, we are dedicated to give the learners an overview of how digital marketing and eCommerce can help advance the manufacturing sector. This course is suited for managerial level personnels who will be leading teams in the future.

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Learning Hub

Digital Marketing & eCommerce Specialist Course

This is a 9-month full-time course and we are in charge of the majority of the learner’s journey covering different topics from eCommerce website development, influencer marketing, paid advertising, data analytics to marketplaces.

The class is held online in Singapore and has been going on since 2020 with a total of 120+ classes and 220+ students



Introduction to Digital Marketing & eCommerce

An 8-day course that takes learners through the main concepts of Digital Marketing and eCommerce which prepares them for entrepreneurship as well as best marketing practices in the digital world.

The syllabus includes trends and the digital landscape, tools used in Brand.com and online marketplaces, brand building, as well as marketplace sales and traffic strategies.

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Our ‍Flagship Programmes

These are our flagship programmes that have had 3000+ students

Learn Digital Marketing On The Go - Remote Immersive

Remote Learning: Great for busy people who want to up-skill themselves or grow their businesses. Learn remotely, be a part of the community and join our monthly meet ups.


Online Live Product Launch Bootcamp
With Digital Marketing

Online Live: During the pandemic, we turn to Zoom and conducted our classes online. There has been a high demand for it and we have decided to continue offering them periodically. 


In-person Product Launch Bootcamp
With Digital Marketing

Physical Class: In this immersive onsite class, you will learn to build and execute real advertising campaigns alongside our mentors. This is a VERY hands-on & exciting class.

* Limited number of seats available

Corporate Trainings

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Corporate Training: We will help you to upskill your marketing team with digital strategies. Aside from building the digital talent infrastructure, we provide tailored training solutions for corporations.

Check out our case study with Media Prima.

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Great for you if you want to learn specific stuff but not necessarily to get a job.

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Mini Marketing Courses Pre-Launch Offer

Great for you if you want to give coding a try. Also great if you are learning to code for specific stuff but not necessarily to get a job.

Topic Specific Courses

3-Day HTML, CSS & Bootstrap Online Course | Level 0

Code Your Algo Trading Bot with Python

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Programming 101