10 Things Which Might Happen If You Decide To Work At NEXT Academy

Startup Life Is Not Just About Hustling At Work, There Are A Lot Of Fun Perks Too

Ever wondered what it's like to work in a startup?

At NEXT Academy, our mission is to build the local tech ecosystem, impacting lives one at a time. Along the way however, you're going to experience a lot of fun, growth and challenges. Here are 10 things which might happen if you decide to work at NEXT Academy.

1. You Might Watch An Important Badminton Match From The Office
2. You Might Learn The Best Way To Buy Air Tickets Online
3. You Might Get Inspired To Build Silly Apps Like This
4. You Get To Work With This Girl. You Will Learn A Ton From Her
5. You Might Eat Famous Fish Head Noodles 3x A Week. You Will Get Sick Of It
6. You Might Become A Human Sign Board
7. You Might Become Jordan Belford From Wolf Of The Wall Street
8. You Might Become Oprah Winfrey For One Night
9. You Might Make Lifelong Friends
10. You Might Inspire Millions Of Lives Through Your Work

Do You Have "THE NEXT DNA" In You?

Culture fit matters. Here are the values and traits you can find at NEXT Academy.

Mission Focused

We are looking for passionate individuals who are on the same mission with us.

Innovative & Smart

Someone who can think creatively and is data driven (we believe in numbers over gut feel!)


Experimenting is part of our culture and you cannot be afraid of failure.

Continuous Learning & Growing

We focus on continuous learning and we share our knowledge so that everyone can grow together.

Attitude of Excellence

We give 110% to everything we do. We are constantly improving ourselves.

Sporting & Fun

We do fun, crazy and random stuff all the time. Make sure you are ready for it!

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take"
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