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5-day coding bootcamp
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About This Course

Taylor's University and NEXT Academy brings to you an exciting 5-day immersive coding bootcamp.

Students will learn through building hands-on projects guided by experienced software developers. This bootcamp is a perfect start for any student aspiring to try their hands out in programming.

Ideal for 13–18 year olds. This bootcamp is great for:

  • Candidates who inspire to be future tech entrepreneurs and innovators
  • People who want to discover coding
  • Students exploring degrees to pursue

Course Outcomes

Give yourself a career advantage, prepare yourself for a future in tech

Prime Yourself For Success

Start your journey in becoming an entrepreneur, innovator in the tech world, through building fun apps with code.

Get Inspired

Meet & greet with Taylor’s Software Engineering students and discover the power of code through the projects they're currently building.

Certificate Of Completion

Upon completion, students will be given a certificate jointly-issued by Taylor's University and NEXT Academy.

Be A Creator, Not A Consumer

By the end of the bootcamp you'll graduate with the ability to build your own web applets to show and impress your friends!

What You'll Learn

What’s the best way to learn coding? We start off by building a cloned inspiration of what we all know & love — Snapchat/Instagram Stories

  • Build A Snapchat/
    Insta Stories Inspired App

    Build a program that can send disappearing ‘snap' messages to your friends and family

  • Web Design Skills

    Create beautiful websites with HTML & CSS, you'll learn all you need to begin designing your own websites!

  • Web Interactivity

    How to build interactive features such as updating what appears on the website on the fly? You'll learn to build such features with JavaScript

  • Deployment

    Deploy your web app and program so that everyone can use it too!

  • Gain Exposure

    Learn from Taylor’s Computer Science & Engineering staff and students to discover how programming is being used in real life beyond apps and games.

Student Enrollment

Kickstart your journey into programming today

Degree Explorer:
Technology Track

– Limited Seats Available –

Type: Full-time In-Person
Duration: 5 Days/40 Hours
Time: Monday to Friday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Location: Taylor's Lakeside Campus, Subang Jaya
Fees: MYR 2,120 or MYR 176.67/mth*

Upcoming Intakes

To be announced

Intake Closed

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* Applicable to Malaysian Maybank Credit Card holders.

HRDF Claimable  This course is HRDF-claimable.

  Payments via Cryptocurrency accepted

Frequently Asked Questions

+What do I need to bring to the bootcamp?

You will need a laptop with Google Chrome and Sublime Text 3; also don't forget to bring your best self!

+Are there any assessments?

On Day-5, students are required to complete their final assessment, it may be done alone, or in groups - it is open book (Yes, students may Google for answers).

Upon passing the assessment, students will be presented with a Certificate of Completion jointly-issued by Taylor's University and NEXT Academy.

+Do I need to be good at mathematics to learn coding?

Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary for one to be good at mathematics to learn to code. What is important is the ability to apply logical thinking and passion for solving problems.

+Is there a deadline for enrollment?

We recommend enrolling a week before the intake starts so that you have ample time to get prepared

+Can adults register for this course?

This bootcamp is created specially for younger students, therefore we will not be accepting adult registrants.

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