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Being able to build any App imaginable takes more than just knowing code syntax. Great software developers are craftsmen. Through our experiences of graduating more than 500 graduates from across the globe, we've crafted a world-class curriculum which empowers individuals through a holistic approach of hands-on learning, social immersion and expert mentorship.

Outcome For You

These are things our past graduates pursued


Become an entrepreneur. Stop being stuck at idea stage, begging people to be your tech cofounder or pay a bomb to get your ideas built by someone else. Learn enough to turn your ideas into apps. And when your app turns into a business, be your own CTO or hire someone better than you and never be left in the dark.


Join GrabTaxi, KFIT, MindValley and more. We partner with our region's best tech companies to place our graduates. Through our partner employers and recruiters across the regions, our graduates have been getting jobs in Singapore and Malaysia. Being a software engineer is both lucrative and enjoyable.


Become remote freelance web developers

Work remotely, enjoy the flexibility of freelancing as a software developer. After you have learned the skills, you can find freelance jobs locally or online and make whatever currencies you'd like.

Who Is This For

Both female and male are equally capable of succeeding through our course. Did you know that coding was primarily a female career during World War II?

Diversity and exposure is one of the key factors in succeeding in the globalized world. Students from America, Asia, Europe, Middle East have joined us to learn and discover the rapidly growing Southeast Asia.

Technology is not discriminative. You can learn to code regardless of whether you're 16 or 40! At our school, age is only a number.

*our past students range from former artists, bankers, consultants, doctors, engineers, teachers to fresh graduates and even high/secondary school students.

What You'll Learn

In-demand knowledge to lend you a job as a world class junior web developer


The ability to think like a programmer in solving problems and translating them into code is more important than learning a specific framework or technology, which is the easy part. You'll discover how to solve simple-to-complex puzzles such as Sudoku with code, to lay the necessary foundation to become a truly versatile coder. You will also learn a common programming concept called object-oriented programming (OOP), which is crucial in your journey of building apps.


Sequel Query Language or SQL is the language used to interact with databases. Databases, used to store data, is central to most apps out there. From Facebook to ERP Software, they all require databases to store your information. You will learn how to design schemas to store your data efficiently. You'll also learn how to read/write/update/delete from your database with simple-to-complex queries.


Learn how to design beautiful websites using HTML5, a type of language that the browsers understand and translates into giving your web pages structure. You will learn how to build beautiful sites like AirBnB, Quora and more.


CSS3 is a language used to stylize your website to make it look beautiful. Think of CSS as a way to determine how big a picture looks or what color some text should have; or if your links should have an underline when hovered over. Front end skills will give you the ability to bring your app into life.


Turbocharge the look and feel or your website using Javascript - a programming language which gives behavior to the elements on your web pages. With this skill, you can program cool functionalities such as a sliding carousel bar. This language will help you build highly interactive web applications while future proofing your career in software development.


Sinatra, known for its simplicity, is a web framework in Ruby used to power many highly scalable simple APIs throughout the web. You'll hone your understanding in building web applications using Sinatra, and also learn the basics of MVP architecture and how HTTP works. In this module, you will build yourself a popular web service called Bitly, a link shortener which allows you to track link clicks.


This is the language that powers apps like Grab, Twitter, Groupon, Shopify, AirBnB, Soundcloud, SlideShare and more. Ruby-on-Rails has one of the best communities and framework to build startups that can reiterate really fast without much code. The beauty and power of this framework is going to make you an extremely productive programmer and in demand by the coolest employers.


GIT is version control system that helps you manage your code. GIT is definitely one of the most prominent version control system alongside SVN. As an aspiring programmer, understanding GIT will help you better safeguard your source code and collaborate in teams.


Building bug free apps are harder than most people imagine especially when the complexity of the app grows. Writing code that "test" code is one of the most important practices that good software developers practice. At the end of the week, you would have a clear idea of what testing is and would have sufficient knowledge to begin writing your own tests for your future projects.


Why does Google employ thousands of developers? Great developers build apps which are simple from a user experience standpoint but complex on the backend. Aside from building new features and testing new things out, a lot of engineering work goes to improving the code base for speed and ease of modification. In this week, you'll learn some how to speed your app up to prepare your app for scaling to more users.

What You'll Build

Just some fully functioning apps you'll create in the web development course


Bitly helps shorten long URLs to look prettier when shared on social media, and helps track the number of clicks they received.

In Week 5, you will build your own version of Bitly that you will show off to your friends!


On Quora, users can ask any questions where anyone on the Internet may reply.

In Week 6, by building this app you would gain understanding of implementing voting, caching vote counts, data/model association and more.


AirBnB is a US$30 Billon company that connects homeowners and travelers for short term rental.

By building AirBnB in Weeks 7-8, you will learn user authentication, authorization, implementing booking, payment, messaging, email alert, photo uploading, search, etc.

Meet Our Grads

Wei Jia
Wei Jia
Investment Analyst to
Graduated March 2015

Once an investment analyst, Wei Jia left her job to learn to code. For her final project during the bootcamp, her team launched an Artisan Cookie e-commerce site and earn enough to feed the team cookies for 3 solid months! She decided to jump into the startup scene and she is now a software developer with KFIT.

Ahmad Syahir
Fresh Grad to
Senior Developer
Graduated May 2015

"I've studied as a software engineer for 2 years. After graduating, I joined NEXT Academy Coding Bootcamp to find out that it covered all I need to know about Computer Science in just 2 months! The hands-on curriculum is all you need to turn you from zero to a jedi coder!"

Fung Wei Tan Tai
Project Manager to
Graduated January 2015

"The Bootcamp taught me how to think like a developer, I am now able to better manage my team and plan our technology roadmap for the future, I now also have many more mentors and friends to pull on when I am in need of technical advice."

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  • 15-hour prep work and reading materials will be supplied upon enrollment.
  • You should have your own laptop; preferably running Mac OS X or Linux. Windows will work too.
Certificate of Excellence is only provided to students who passed the final assessment at the end of the bootcamp.

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November 13, 2017 - January 24, 2018
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January 8 - March 20, 2018
9:30am - 6:30pm, Mon - Fri
10 Weeks / 400 Hours
Remote assessment: 21 March - 27 March, 2018
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*RESULTS DISCLAIMER: No programming background necessary. However, results may vary between individuals depending on how much hard work you put in. It is an intensive bootcamp experience and students are expected to give their 110% to complete the challenges if they wish to achieve their goals in becoming a competent coder.

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Enroll Now And Get More Than Just Technical Skills

Meet Like-Minded People

Together, we build greater things. One of the biggest reason for you to attend NEXT Academy is to build a network of friends who are smart, ambitious, and hungry. Majority of our students who join us are keen on pursuing an exciting, ambitious career path. Our graduates leave the program with new found friends who are constantly challenging each other to do better while sharing with one another expertise and network even after they've graduated.

Learn to Work in a Tech Team

The world has changed and software engineers are no longer stereotypically working in isolation. The greatest companies in the world are built around innovation and technology. Software engineers are key talent that plays cross-functional roles in these organizations. Whether you want to build a tech company, lead a team of software engineers or work as a brilliant software engineers, learning how to work with others will make you more successful.

Grow with Our Alumni Network

NEXT Academy has a strong commitment to reinvest into the graduates of NEXT Academy. In fact, it is one of the mandate we've kept since we started. Our alumni network full of innovators and entrepreneurs who would go out change the world and perhaps make billions while at it. Many of our graduates are know running their own startups with tens of millions raised. NEXT Academy remains as one of their funnel in talent supply as they grow their team.

Receive Graduate Opportunity Support

We constantly seek out employment partnerships and distribute freelance opportunities amongst our graduates. Beyond that, we organize social and sharing meetups to help our graduates collaborate and meet successful business leaders and software experts from all over the world. We also sponsor our graduates in organizing their own aprenticeship and knowledge sharing meetups within our dedicated alumni premises.

What Our Classes Are Like

No Quick Fixes

Beginners have a tendency to focus on what languages and what frameworks to learn. Which technology stack to first learn is not as important as understanding the fundamentals and paradigms of building applications. It is no different than building a house on a rock as opposed to sand. The reality is that languages and frameworks are easy to learn once your foundations are strong. Most experienced developers code in various languages/frameworks. You will find other courses or training programs that teaches you a specific technology or framework from day 1. To become a coder who can truly build anything, you need to understand core coding principals and how things work. Our program will help you with that.

Hands-on Learning

Forget the lecture style learning. They are boring and ineffective, especially for coding. At NEXT Academy, we have minimal lectures. Instead, we learn in a fast-paced environment where hands-on coding is prioritized. Everyday, we give you a set of challenges that you have to solve. These challenges breaks down the learning into smaller bite-sized components to form a comprehensive understanding of software development.

Personalized Mentorship

Instructors are always available for questions. Everyone learns differently and have different questions. We maintain a healthy student-instructor ratio to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to ask questions. As beginners, the real challenge in learning how to code is in asking the right questions. Mentors are there to guide students to simplify complex thoughts. Over time, students become good at asking the right questions which allows them to be independent enough to build things on their own.

Immersive Learning

Perhaps you have tried to learn to code before and the greatest barrier to seeing any form of progress is consistency. Our program is designed to to last no more than 3 months but as impactful as a year long learning in universities. Everyday, morning till late, you'll be coding at least 70% of the time. This ensures your learning to be progressive and fast. It's also a lot of fun to be in such an immersive environment.

Collaborative Learning

Stop learning on your own. If you have ever tried learning to code on your own either through books or online courses, you may notice how hard it is when you get stuck or feel demotivated. At NEXT Academy, you will meet fellow students who are equally as excited as you to learn. We do not differentiate A students or C students. Everyone has the same ambition of becoming good with code.

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take"
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