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What is happening today?

covid19 impact economy badly

Covid19 Impact To The Economy

The global economic situation is forcing businesses to downsize and retrench employees that are not essential to the survival and transformation of businesses. This trend will continue for the foreseeable months and even years ahead, leaving many jobless. Experts believe that the Coronavirus which causes the Covid19 disease will remain a challenge for the next 1 - 2 years until either a vaccine or effective treatment becomes publicly and widely available. This has a tremendous negative economic impact for individuals and families.

digital transformation business

Businesses Forced To Be Digitalised

Nonetheless, the good news is that individuals with skills to help companies survive and grow digitally are still very much needed and sought after. The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the digital adoption amongst businesses both big and small creating a long lasting need for individuals who can utilize technology to reach customers online.

malaysia ecommerce revenue growth during mco

The Rise of eCommerce & Online Shopping

For instance, with the general public choosing to remain cautious, limiting the frequency of them leaving their homes, eCommerce and online shopping became a norm where 900% growth for online businesses is possible, the habit of online shopping will continue well even after the dust has settled.

employers looking for talent

The Big Gap: Digital Talent

There are many businesses large and small that still do not have a digital presence and are desperately looking for talent to help them survive and thrive.

It is time for you to learn the essential digital skills to earn an income and to help dampen the economic impact on our society.


What are the Essential Digital Skill Sets

Today, we talk about bringing businesses online or making businesses digital; but do you know how a digitalised business should look like?

  • Having a presence online with website

  • Getting the attention of customers online with digital marketing

  • Allowing transactions online with eCommerce payment

  • Discover & Getting higher ROI through data analysis

learn to build ecommerce at next academy


Learn how to create and deploy a beautiful, fully functioning eCommerce website with various tools from payment gateways to shopping carts.

build website with wordpress html css at next academy

Build Websites

Learn how to build beautiful websites to tell customers what the business is about. You get to learn some HTML/CSS programming too!

facebook and instagram advertising

Digital Marketing

Get the fundamentals of launching campaigns and start generating leads and sales with Facebook, Instagram advertising and Google Ads and more.

data analysis for facebook and instagram

Data Analysis

Learn how to read and understand data to see if your campaigns and websites are doing well so that you can optimize it and get a higher ROI.

eCommerce Specialist 101 Program Where We Guide You To Build The Right Employable Skills

The best way to have a solid grasp on these skills is to gain practical experience. Our programme was designed to be different from your typical online course with it being extremely hands-on with building & launching an eCommerce store from scratch!
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How Does It Work?

step by step build website

Step-By-Step Framework

In this programme, we pack together the fundamental digital skill sets you need, so that you can learn what is essential and get started immediately in this economic landscape.

You will get your practical experience while you build your own eCommerce online store.

step by step guidance

It is not meant to be purely theoretical. In our online curriculum, you will get the step-by-step practical framework which you should follow and start building and marketing your eCommerce store.

Aside from videos and resources you can learn from, every week, students from everywhere can ask questions and join our LIVE stream. We answer those questions, celebrate successes and invite other experts to share their insights!

This is NOT a one-off journey, this is a journey with support. During this time of uncertainty, we are here to help each other survive and succeed in this uncertain times.

live stream with mentorsmentor support
get into ecommerce business

Is This For You?

  • Are you impacted by Covid19 & the economy?

  • Are you reskilling to be more digital?

  • Worried about job instability/ retrenchment?

  • Are you trying to bring home side income?

  • Are you seeking employment for digital roles?

  • Want to start and market online business but don't know how?

If you said YES for any of these, and are willing to hustle together with us; then this is for you!


Join Us Now!

eCommerce Specialist 101:
Helping Businesses Sell Online

HRDF Claimable
  • We have developed this course with the current situation in mind as many people are retrenched without the right skill sets for re-employment or for freelance gigs.
  • If you are a company or individual who want to provide the right education/ reskilling package to retrenched/ soon-to-be retrenched employees, please fill up the form.

Let's Start & Launch Your eCommerce Store Together!

You can start from ZERO and you will learn to build your own eCommerce store, run digital marketing campaigns to get leads and sales and finally, make business decisions with data.

  • Equip yourself with employable digital skillsets - eCommerce, websites, coding with HTML/CSS, digital marketing and data analysis

  • Learn to build websites & eCommerce in less than 2 weeks, learn digital marketing with Facebook, Instagram, Google in less than 1 month

  • Guided with comprehensive online learning & Mentor weekly support through live streaming

After this program, you can either run your own eCommerce online business, or you can help existing SMEs, mum and pop shops, brick and mortar businesses to transform their businesses digitally and bring their businesses online.

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Who Is NEXT Academy?

NEXT Academy has trained many people in coding, digital marketing and digitalising businesses. Digital transformation is not just for companies, it is for everyone of us to make sure that we still stay relevant to the world of today.

Brian Tan

Co-founder of Futurelab.my

We wanted to build a platform that connects graduates with mentors in the industry and at the same time get to their dream jobs. NEXT Academy has helped me out a lot, besides teaching me how to code, plus my entire tech team was from NEXT Academy.

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Rea Furmanova

From air stewardess to Coder

"NEXT Academy has improved my skills a lot. The Mentors are there to help you. They will give you direction and push you to be better!"

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Khaled Muamar

From Telecommunication Engineer to Full Stack Coder

The way of teaching is different, they teach you how to search for answers and be independent instead of giving you the answers.

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Abel Senwelo

Web Developer Upskilled with React JS

I was really drawn to NEXT Academy because it teaches React JS, which is very much in-demand in the industry right now. No other bootcamps taught this so it was a great opportunity for me.

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Jordan Rao

Co-founder of Nucleus Solutions

"I had an exceptional journey from being interested in programming to actually being able to program. The journey was filled with challenges but it was definitely worth it."

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Yeoh Wai Hong (Bate)

DJ Bate-cum-coder

I decided to join NEXT Academy's bootcamp because it was the fastest way to learn how to build apps. I made a lot of friends, like-minded people, and people who love to code. The mentors are really friendly too!

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