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College ≠ Success.
The Right Skills Are.

Here's the cold hard truth. Getting a good job or becoming an entrepreneur is not about which college you come out from.

Your college doesn't determine your success. If it does, then there shouldn't be so much unemployment.

You determine your success - your attitude & the right skills you have that is fit for the time.

Learn skills that matter for the future.

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What skills do you want to empower yourself with?

I love the world of tech!
I want to work in tech companies with apps, software and hardware!
I want to build my own tech company!

Code is Your Path

I love the world of marketing, advertising and influencers!
I want to be a digital marketer for brands!
I want to start my own business & sell online!

Digital Marketing For You

The Coding Path.

...and when I saw my code becoming the app I've always wanted to build; the effort, the time, the challenges - it was all worth it.

Front-End Web Development

2 Weeks | Full-Time | In-Person

Learn the basics of web development and build beautiful websites with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Students have the option to move onto the Back-end syllabus on completion.


Full-Stack Web Development

10 Weeks | Full-Time | In-Person

The fastest route to becoming a Full-Stack web developer. Gain an all-round understanding in programming, and learn to build an app in just 10 weeks. No pre-requisites necessary.


ALPHA: Full-Stack Coding+ Internship

3-Months Coding + Up to 9 Months Internship

You will be learning coding via the 10-week Full-Stack Web Development course. After that, you can earn and gain work experience via internships through our placement programme.


Student Reviews ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

"I had some application ideas for my country, but I didn't know how to code. I decided to join NEXT Academy to make an impact on my country. It has been an amazing journey."

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Abdal Aziz

From Student to Full Stack Coder

"It was about the life lessons – letting go, overcoming failures and building courage. It was about acquiring new problem-solving skills, honing the art of communication, and the ability to think like a programmer."

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Gloria Teng

Data Scientist & Lecturer at Xia Men University

"I got to meet all sorts of people with all kinds of ideas to apply their newfound programming skills onto, it showed to me that this isn't a career with just a single path, it's an entire world of possibilities and I'm excited to be part of it"

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Ian Ng

Tech entrepreneur

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The Digital Marketing Path.

...seeing my business grow with my marketing effort is one of the most fulfilling moments in my life.

Digital Marketing Remote Immersive

12 Weeks | 10 Hours/ Week | Online

Turbocharge your business and increase your visibility in the digital world. Our structured curriculum will show you how you can increase your revenue and double your leads for your business.


Digital Marketing Product Launch Bootcamp

5 Weeks | 2 days/Week | Face-to-Face

Spend 5 weeks, Thursdays and Saturdays with us to learn and implement digital marketing. This accelerated programme will teach you how to turbocharge your business and increase your visibility in the digital world.


Student Reviews ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

"After learning digital marketing at NEXT Academy, I was able to use the knowledge I gained and apply it to the company I work at. I am able to modernize my company's digital marketing structure and bring brand new ideas to the table."

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Adrian Ling

Event-Hotelier-Digital Marketer

Digital marketing is an essential skill in a job market because it’s so close to our daily lives. It’s accessible everywhere. I enjoyed learning together with the mentors at NEXT Academy.

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Eda Tee

Digital Marketer

Every entrepreneur should learn digital marketing because they can reach a wider audience out there, like people who they would not expect would actually buy their products.

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Fion See

Founder of Sticker Bear

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