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For A Better Tomorrow. From Our Wrist Watches, To Our Phones To Our Cars, Software Is Everywhere These Days. Even Your Bank Utilizes Software To Manage Your Money. Software Is Destroying Old Jobs But Creating Many Opportunities For Entrepreneurs And Coders In General To Pursue An Exciting And Potentially Lucrative Career.

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Our graduates either start their own companies or work at some of the most exciting venture-backed startups. Some preferred to freelance and maintain the freedom to choose what they work on without committing to one single thing for a longer period of time. As a software developer, there's always something new to learn – either a new technology, a new way of doing things or just a new feature that you've never implemented before. Unlike other courses that teaches you specific technology (making you only as good as what you learn from the course), NEXT Academy's Web Development Bootcamp was designed such that you would have learned all the right fundamentals to be able to build and learn anything new without dependence on anyone else.
Software Developers in general are extremely in demand all over the world. There is currently a huge shortage of skilled software developers and will continue for decades to come. The reason for the shortage is caused by 2 reasons. One being fewer university students pursuing studies in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The second and more important reason is how technology is being used to disrupt all other industries from agriculture to transportation to retail. NEXT Academy has links with many technology startups across the region and will attempt to connect her talented graduates with the best startups.
Yes and no. Starting a company is hard. This is not a discouragement of entrepreneurship but a mere disclosure of the harsh reality of starting up. You will definitely be able to build your own MVP and save time and hundreds of thousands of dollars in hiring a freelance developer to build something for you. The skills you learn at NEXT Academy will also help you in hiring people you want to work with. And most importantly, at NEXT Academy, you will meet some of the brightest and most passionate individuals that you can collaborate with or hire.
Software development is one of the best skills to have if you wish to work remotely. There are many jobs out there that permits software developers to work remotely. However, you will find it much easier to find a remote job after a few years of experience. There are certain cases where our graduates were able to find consistent stream of freelance jobs that allowed them to work from home.
Yes. It just depends on your citizenship and your desired country's work Visa policy. It defers from country-to-country.
Assuming you are committed and you work hard during your time at NEXT Academy, yes. You certainly can. However, we advise our graduates to be honest about their level of expertise. There will be clients who are willing to hire juniors and will be more understanding. The last time you want as a freelancer is a mismatch of expectations. But worry not, as a freelancer, you'll be forced to learn so fast that you will be pretty senior in a short period of time.
The salary rate for Software Developers in Malaysia depends on the industry and kind of company you are in. Traditional companies typically pay much lower. However, after our program, if you choose to work in a startup as a junior software developer, you can expect around 30% above traditional market salary rates. It's trickier to estimate if you have had prior working experience in a non-related field. In cases like this, it depends on the discussion between you and your potential employer.
No. Our program was designed for beginners in mind. Around 60% of our students have no experience with code and the rest have either Computer Science degrees or have tried to learn to code on their own before. Having said that, it is critical for you to do the prep work that we send out as soon as you enrol into the program. The prep work will get you into the right mindset with the basic fundamentals in place to start learning how to apply code to solve real problems and build applications.
10 weeks is an extremely short period of time. But as a yardstick, a world class junior software developer is someone who can build things independently of others and have the ability to learn new technology with ease. Our program was designed to take the minimum amount of time (10 weeks) to make any passionate and dedicated individual to get to that level. You will not be all-knowing at the end of 10 weeks but you will have enough fundamentals to be hired as a junior software developer and build most things with some tinkering around.
From the feedback given by graduates of other shorter courses, they learned nowhere near what they were promised. We are aware that a lot of academies out there attempt to sell people something that already appeals to most people's lifestyle and budget. They charge less and minimize the duration of their program to appeal to people's taste in order for their academies to be highly profitable. There are probably exceptions. But to achieve anything great, sacrifice is needed. There were no cases where great people achieve great success with minimal sacrifice. NEXT Academy has a strong track record of graduates achieving great results and is dedicated to continuing the excellence without wavering standards. Our program isn't designed for everyone and only the hungriest and brightest people tend to join us.
It's unlike your typical class/lecture that you are used to. The state of our mass education system, built in a whole older era, has spoonfed us and taught us to be good employees in the past. Things have changed. At NEXT Academy, there will be minimal lectures and maximum hands-on/self-driven learning. You will actually need to think and be intellectually stimulated. Instructors are around all the time to guide you and for you to ask questions that you can't find an answer to. Our course material consist of coding challenges that are designed to help you learn to be a good independent software developer. It's the most effective way of learning.
It's certainly possible. Our founder, Josh, was self-taught. In his words, "It made me very independent compared to many computer science college graduates." However, it usually takes a long time to learn on your own because of the steep learning curve. Josh took 2 years to get to where his graduates are getting to in just 10 weeks. We started NEXT Academy as the best of both worlds of being self-taught while still having the support and social experience of going through college without sacrificing years of your life to learn one thing.
We might have a solution for you! We offer installment plan for either 6 months or 12 months period, with 0% interest. This is only for Maybank cardholders and unfortunately, debit cards are not accepted.
Most people would give you a diplomatic answer. But our job is to empower you to achieve more with your life. So, instead of giving you a popular answer, we will give a harsh one. If you are dissatisfied with your job and want to accomplish more in your life, we suggest that you leave your job. If you can't afford financially to leave your job, you will have to make some sacrifices, save enough money and leave your job.
We have a vested interest to say yes. But you should decide based on your progress. The key differences between learning on your own and with us are the guidance you get from experts and having the social environment where you will have people to learn together and maybe even collaborate with in future.
Again, this depends on your goals and which university in question. We get quite a few fresh graduates of Computer Science degrees from other universities coming to NEXT Academy. The reason why they came to NEXT Academy after earning a Computer Science degree was because they say they weren't taught what they wanted to learn from University. If all you want is to learn how to build apps, a Computer Science degree is great but not neccessarily the best way to get started. If you want deep understanding of systems and more, Computer Science is great. A CS degree will certainly make you a great developer as well. Also, if you wanted to pursue a CS degree, we suggest aiming for the best colleges in the world in the likes of Stanford, U.C. Berkeley, MIT or University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
Our youngest student so far was 16 and our oldest was 43. You are never too old or too young to be ambitious. It's the attitude that matters most.
No, you don't need any formal education prior to enrolling into NEXT Academy.
Beginners are often fooled to think that learning a specific language or framework to be the right way to learn technology. This is, however, completely wrong. But no one should be blamed for this because employers often post jobs such as "Java Developer", "C# Developers", "Python Developers". However, what the employers don't tell people is how they interview their candidates. It's never about the language but a candidate's ability to solve problems, learn new things and get the work done. And if you went to a real Computer Science university, the last thing they will ever tell you is how important a specific language or framework is. Instead of learning a specific language or framework, learn to think like a programmer and you can always learn any new language or framework easily. This is important because new languages and frameworks appear from time-to-time.
There are many varying versions of this. But the general consensus in the tech community is that websites are static while web apps are dynamic. In laymen terms, a website can only present one kind of information to everyone while web apps can present different information to different people. Think of websites as information sites whilst Facebook/ Airbnb/ Quora as webapps. Web apps have the ability to identify you and serve content relevant to you. You can often log in or store data like write a blog post or upload a picture. An e-commerce site is also another example of web apps. Banks use web apps to power a lot of their end-user systems such as ATMs and online banking. Websites are great for bakery shops trying to tell people where they are located and have some pictures to show off their delicious cakes!
Not immediately. But everything that you learn in the program will be used to build mobile apps as well. There are 2 key things you learn at our Web Development bootcamp that will be carried over to mobile apps development. 1. You learn to be a programmer. That means you now have the ability to pick up skills to build for anything from Android phones to iOS to self-driving cars. 2. Mobile apps often require web apps or some people call it backend apps to support it. Think Instagram. You might think Instagram is a mobile app but behind-the-scenes, you need a "web app" or "backend app" to store the pictures, associate them to your profile, manage your followers and followings, serve you images when you open your Instagram app on your phone and more.
Yes and no. Ruby is always going to be a high-level language that abstracts a lot of the workings of lower languages such as memory management. However, most web apps are built with other high level languages such as Python, Javascript etc+. The key thing people meant by Ruby not being scalable is the concurrency model of Ruby. However, that has changed quite a bit. Ruby is now fairly scalable to millions of users. Twitter, LinkedIn used Ruby until they hit millions of users. But the key advantage that Ruby gives you is the ease and speed of development, which is often more important in many projects/startups as opposed to scalability to millions from the get-go.
Yes. You will learn about Javascript in the program. You can learn Go very easily after our program. Read our answer to "I want to learn to code. What language or framework should I learn first?"
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