3-Day HTML, CSS & Bootstrap Coding Masterclass

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Beginner-friendly, no prior experience needed, only a computer!

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What is HTML & CSS?

💥Why you shouldn't miss this!

All beautiful websites are powered by HTML and CSS! By the end of the course, you should be equipped with HTML & CSS as well as Bootstrap to build your frontend mobile responsive websites.

We will be focused on hands-on and practical sessions through our coding challenges so that you can follow us step-by-step in creating your projects!

💥3 Days Accelerated LIVE Online Learning
Don't just stop with theoretical knowledge! Experience how to code in HTML & CSS and what you can do with it through this hands-on learning.

💥Kickstart Your Coding Journey
Do you know that many coders in the world first learn HTML & CSS to start off their coding journey? This will become your first step in learning to code!

💥Live Lectures & Live Mentorship Online
Step-by-step coding walkthrough session where you can learn according to your own pace. Get Online real-time mentorship when you are stuck with code!

💥Taught by NEXT Academy’s mentors
Learn from experienced mentors who have helped >1000 students get into a tech career!


Will Live Stream Learning Work for Coding?

With Covid19, the lockdown and social distancing are redefining how NEXT Academy classes are conducted.

We have experimented and conducted LIVE stream/ online classes for our coding and digital marketing students. It has been an amazing experience for our students!

Our classes are conducted LIVE - not just lectures, but also our ability to provide real-time mentorship to look at your code through LIVE stream, LIVE voice as well as LIVE chat.

Be Guided & Get Your HTML, CSS & Bootstrap Certification

You will be guided by coding mentors and tap into their experiences. You will get to experience their thought processes and learn directly from them.

After the course is done, you will be able to get your HTML, CSS & Bootstrap certificate.

Be Guided & Get Certified

You will be guided by marketers and tap into their experiences. You will get to experience their thought processes and learn directly from them.

After the course is done, you will be able to get your Facebook & Instagram Advertising certificate.

3-Day, 24 Hours of Training

You will get online learning access with step-by-step resources. Not just that, your 3-day training will be as followed:

0930 - 1000: Class Start
1000 - 1100: Live Lecture
1100 - 1230: Coding challenges (Live Mentorship)
1230 - 1330: Lunch Break
1400 - 1500: Breakout/ Q&A (Live Stream)
1500 - 1830: Coding challenges (Live Mentorship)

Learn from coding mentors and practitioners!

Join the 3-Day HTML, CSS & Bootstrap Masterclass today. Learn tips, tricks and strategies to start your coding journey while being guided by mentors and learning with peers.
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What You'll Learn

Our curriculum is designed in such a way that each topic builds onto one another.
  • HTML basics
  • Command line basics
  • Setup your computer
HTML Basics
  • Learn how to use HTML to structure your website and content. By the end of this module you'll have a good understanding of HTML to start writing CSS.
Styling With CSS
  • CSS beautifies your website. After learning how to structure your content with HTML, it is time to use CSS to improve how your HTML markup looks. You will build upon what your newly built HTML page and turn it into something more presentable.
Mobile Responsive Design
  • Today, with everyone being on mobile, all search engines are putting a huge focus on the mobile experience. It is important for you to be able to build mobile responsive websites for the best user experience.
Bootstrap 4 & The Web Design Workflow
  • After learning how to write HTML and CSS from scratch, you will come to appreciate the power of Bootstrap 4 where you can build websites with a workflow and a fast, efficient process with plenty of built in short cuts for you to use - this are must have skills for front-end web developers.

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HTML/ CSS/ Bootstrap Online Live Masterclass
  • Online Learning Access with Online Curriculum for HTML/ CSS/ Bootstrap
  • LIVE sessions with mentors:
    ➡️9:30am - 6:30pm (GMT +8)
  • Includes LIVE lectures, LIVE mentorship
Pre-requisite & Requirement
  • No programming background required
  • Have your own computer
A Certificate of Attendance will be provided upon 100% completion of the course
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You can choose to join the full 2-weeks Frontend Web Development with HTML/ CSS/ JS instead.
This includes:
  • HTML, CSS, Bootstrap & JavaScript
  • 2-weeks (10 days) online LIVE training
  • Only RM1500 RM1299 with additional JavaScript module!
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Who Is NEXT Academy?

NEXT Academy has trained many people from different backgrounds to become coders.
E.g. journalists, accountants, engineers, DJs, waiters, students and more. Here's what they say.

Abel Senwelo

Web Developer Upskilled with React JS

I was really drawn to NEXT Academy because it teaches React JS, which is very much in-demand in the industry right now. No other bootcamps taught this so it was a great opportunity for me.

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Brian Tan

Co-founder of

We wanted to build a platform that connects graduates with mentors in the industry and at the same time get to their dream jobs. NEXT Academy has helped me out a lot, besides teaching me how to code, plus my entire tech team was from NEXT Academy.

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Jeremy Ong

Founder of Hustlr

Because of this new skill I have, it has guided me in making technology decisions for my business.

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Jordan Rao

Co-founder of Nucleus Solutions

"I had an exceptional journey from being interested in programming to actually being able to program. The journey was filled with challenges but it was definitely worth it."

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Rea Furmanova

From air stewardess to Coder

"NEXT Academy has improved my skills a lot. The Mentors are there to help you. They will give you direction and push you to be better!"

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Ton Pham

“I enjoyed learning at Next Academy. When I started, I hadn't touched a computer for about a year. I wouldn't say I was tech-savvy at all. I don't think you have to be very tech-savvy or know all the latest trends to get into programming.”

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