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Here's what you'll learn with the Beginner's Guide to iOS Development from NEXT Academy:

Lesson 1
Planning your app

What are the business goals of your app? Learn about how you can structure the key functionalities that you want in your app.

Lesson 2
Essential tools you need

Discover the important tools and environments that you would need to have to build amazing iOS mobile apps.

Lesson 3
Intro to Swift

Understand the importance and benefits of using Swift programming language in iOS mobile app development.

Lesson 4
Intro to programming

Learn one of the key programming concepts that software engineers use to build apps like Facebook and AirBnB.

iOS Beginner's Guide

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What Our Past Graduates Say About Us

The course may be intense but it fully immersed me into the world of coding. After experiencing and enjoying this bootcamp, I am definitely going to pursue a career as a programmer in the future.

Max Jala

Graduated March 2017,
iOS Development Bootcamp

It has been a fast-paced 10 weeks of learning to code but Next Academy's bootcamp provided a great platform for students to learn how to code and meet awesome people.

Charles Lee

Graduated January 2017,
iOS Development Bootcamp

Joining the bootcamp was one of my best life decisions. The best part was collaborating with my peers. We taught each other tricks we'd discovered and find solutions to difficult problems together.

Michael Chan

Graduated June 2016,
iOS Development Bootcamp

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We're not just a coding school, we also provide alumni support through our network of past graduates, startups and friends in the local tech community. With over 15 successful intakes of students, our vision is to build the next generation of coders that will transform the world we live in through technology.

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