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How Technology
define the way we live

Ever wonder how technology impacted us in our daily lives?
Why does it matter and how does it relate to architecture?

Talk | Archidex 6 July 2019
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Some of the great companies that have hired our graduates


How do you get AI to manage a city better? Check out Alibaba's City Brain program in Hang Zhou.

How would this help us manage our cities better?


We are all talking about human rights and human safety these days. This is a sensitive topic and people are afraid that there will no longer be any freedom. Here's what is happening in China.

What can you do as an architect to protect our privacy?

Our Student's Projects

Technology is going to stay regardless. Here is how our students are using code and knowledge of various industry to create innovations that can redefine the way we live.

Every big idea starts from somewhere. Here are some interesting examples for you!

What are our alumni doing?

Wonder what some of our alumni are involved in?

Some built their own businesses, some joined interesting tech companies. Regardless where they are, they are contributing to how technology is influencing us.

What are you going to create?

How about you?
If you have the ability to code, what would you build?
How would you redefine the world around us and the way we live?

It's time to start now.

Meet Our Graduates

Our graduates join us from all walks of life, find out what they have to say about us!
Coming to NEXT Academy bootcamp really helped me tremendously. It increased my speed of learning, and it’s so exciting that I can learn together with like-minded people from all over the world!
Emika Ijuin
Civil Engineer to Full-stack Coder
Coding is really just one part of the journey at NEXT Academy. You get people from around the world coming to this bootcamp! You hve people with different backgrounds and diverse experiences come to share what they've learned in their life.
Jeffrey Soong
Restaurateur to Full-stack Coder
As a business owner, I wanted to learn to code to be more involved in my tech media business. I joined NEXT Academy and throughout the course, I rebuilt my entire site from scratch and included my own features.
Sean Mitchell
Entrepreneur & Full-stack Coder
I had some application ideas for my country, but I didn't know how to code. I decided to join NEXT Academy to make an impact to my country. It has been an amazing journey.
Abdal Aziz
Full-stack Coder

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