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Europe and China have all built billion dollar tech companies after playing catch-up with Silicon Valley. Southeast Asia is the next region to make a huge impact on the world's innovation and wealth. But like all great stories, great talent is key to achieving success.

Through NEXT Academy, we want to be the ones laying the foundation to achieving the NEXT frontier by empowering passionate individuals with the skills, knowledge and network to pursue their dreams and ambitions.

What Our Past Graduates Say About Us

They've travelled from their own countries to Kuala Lumpur to learn to code. Here's what they think:

Petr (Czech Republic)
Uber Driver to
Front-end Developer at AirAsia

“The greatest skills I gained during the course was the rapid learning process, focus and most importantly, problem-solving skills – there were minimal lectures and we were taught to resolve problems ourselves. It was difficult at first but once we graduated, most of us could pick up & learn new technologies independently. After the bootcamp, I was able to Javascript & React pretty smoothly.”

Ayodele (Kansas, US)
Educator to Freelancer

“Next Academy's Web Development Bootcamp provide a fast-paced, hands-on learning experience. I've enjoyed my time studying with like-minded individuals in Next Academy and I feel prepared to go on with my career as a programmer.”

Stephanie (Canada)
Psychology Grad to
Freelance Programmer

“NEXT Academy was exactly what I needed to get started in web development. Learning to code is very difficult, and there were many times that I felt completely lost. Having a classroom of friends who all felt the same way is the only thing that kept me going sometimes! NEXT Academy does a great job at teaching you HOW to learn, and how to figure out the answers on your own, which is necessary to make you an independent programmer! The mentors are all super helpful and in general... It was all really fun!”

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We understand that travelling to a foreign country can be daunting, we're here to guide you through it!

Program Curriculum

Full details and breakdown of what you'll be learning at NEXT Academy. From course structure to tuition fees and what to expect on a daily basis.

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We'll take you on a journey around our campus and classrooms. Seeing is believing!

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