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If you are doing anything of the above, read on to find out what it takes to be an iOS Mobile Developer before you even graduate from university!

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What is an iOS Mobile Developer?

iOS Mobile Developers are programmers who build applications for Apple's iOS platform, be it mobile or tablet apps. Generally they would have a good understanding of the full life-cycle of developing mobile apps.

What do iOS Mobile Developers do?

  1. Build new mobile apps for iOS platform.
  2. Maintain existing mobile apps.
  3. Add new features to existing mobile apps.
  4. Update existing mobile apps according to latest iOS requirements.

What does it take to be an iOS Mobile Developer?

The journey to becoming an iOS Mobile Developer may not be easy. Knowing what you would need to prepare would definitely help you get started on your journey of becoming one.

Solid Understanding of the iOS Platform

In order to build iOS mobile apps, you'll need to understand the infrastructure of iOS platform. You'll mainly be using Apple's Xcode to build your applications, and having a good grasp of the various iOS kits available out there will definitely help you when you design and build mobile apps.

Good Programming Fundamentals

Having good programming fundamentals is key when it comes to being an iOS developer. Some of the key concepts to learn are basic programming concepts (like control flow, loops and data structures), Swift (the core programming language used to build iOS apps) and object-oriented programming.

Familiar with iOS Development Process

Building iOS apps involves more than just coding. You would need to design the user experience (flow of the app) and the user interface (how the app looks like) before building your app, deployment to Apple's App Store, and testing your app's functionalities.

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What you could do in the future

Here are some of the opportunities that are available as an iOS Mobile Developer.

   Build and publish your own mobile apps

   Join software development companies as an iOS Developer

   Work as iOS Developer with businesses that want to extend their services through mobile apps

   Get freelance projects as an iOS Developer

   Expand yourself into other areas of mobile development such as Virtual Reality (VR)

   Become a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) when you've gained invaluable experiences

And so much more...

What Our Past Graduates Say About Us

The iOS Development Bootcamp may be intense but it fully immersed me into the world of coding. After experiencing and enjoying this bootcamp, I am definitely going to pursue a career as an iOS Developer in the future.

Max Jala

Graduated March 2017,
iOS Development Bootcamp

It has been a fast-paced 10 weeks of learning to code but Next Academy's iOS Developer bootcamp provided a great platform for students to learn how to code and meet awesome people.

Charles Lee

Graduated January 2017,
iOS Development Bootcamp

Joining the iOS Development Bootcamp was one of my best life decisions. The best part was collaborating with my peers. We taught each other tricks we'd discovered and find solutions to difficult problems together.

Michael Chan

Graduated June 2016,
iOS Development Bootcamp

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