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Are our courses good? Don't just take our word for it!
We've compiled what our graduates said about our coding and digital marketing courses just for you!

Since our inception in late 2014, we've seen more than 900+ students graduating from our courses. They've been through thick and thin during these courses, always dedicating their full efforts into learning.

We've made a video to give you a glimpse into our students' lives when they go thrugh our courses.

Full-Stack Web Development Bootcamp

The web development course focuses on full stack development where you will learn both frontend and backend of web development. This is a 10-week programme, full time with 400 hours of studies (minimum). It is beginner friendly and intensive, suitable for people who are serious about learning to code.

"It wasn't easy; you have to be self-motivated because there's no handholding or spoon-feeding but I knew that if I wanted to be productive and add value after the bootcamp, this is the best way to prepare me. I will not have anyone guiding me step-by-step out there as I work on projects out there, so the struggle that comes with scouring the internet to find solutions and the persistence to learn will serve me well in the future."

Funnily enough, I enjoyed the end of each struggle where I finally arrived at a solution or learned something new (be it on my own or through my mentors). Very few things come close to that elation after all that frustration and hard work. It's like running a marathon and finally rewarding yourself with a hot plate of Village Park nasi lemak <3 <3

Esther Leong

July 2017 graduate

"The people in Next Academy was what impressed me most. The mentors and coordinators really made the bootcamp and learning an unforgettable experience. The guidance, advice and being in the environment and learning from them is just invaluable. "

Jason Loh

June 2017 graduate

"This bootcamp has been such a great experience for me, from the environment, to the mentors and also the friends I've met. It was grueling and tiresome at times but I'm very optimistic about the skills that I've gained just within the past 10 weeks. I'll highly recommend anyone to join not just to learn the basics of programming, but also to learn about its real world application and also it's impact on our lives."

Aiman Yusra

April 2017 graduate

"The bootcamp has very helpful mentors with great attitude. It is designed in a way where you learn the more challenging fundamentals before learning the easier way of doing it, which I appreciate, especially if I want to go further into programming. One of my better decisions in my adult life is to pick up this very important skill. No regrets, fully recommended."

Alvin Tan

May 2017 graduate

iOS Mobile Development Bootcamp
(Discontinued until futher notice)

The iOS mobile development course focuses on developing for iOS/Apple devices – such as the iPhone. This is a 10-week, full-time program with 400 hours of study (minimum). It is a beginner-friendly and intensive course, suitable for those who are serious about learning to code.

"I am happy I have joined Next Academy, the journey has been a tremendous growth for me learning a new Language and especially using the MacBook for the first time. The best part is to enjoy the coding and hangout with our fellow classmates and our mentors are really patient and supportive. Thanks to Next Academy I will continue to explore more on the iOS Swift and eventually publish my own app to the Apple Store."

Audrey Lim

March 2017 graduate

"I would totally recommend this course to my other friends that wish to become a programmer. Here you don't only learn about coding, but also life experience. I also get to know more friends that really have the same passion to code. With that said, I totally enjoyed my stay here for the past 10 weeks and I really hope to cross path with Next Academy again."

Mohd Adam

March 2017 graduate

"I've always wanted to learn how to build something, make something that I can call it as my own. So that's why I decided to join NEXT once and for all. When I joined, I took a break from University because I was getting bored of learning similar stuff every semester. I can safely say that 3 years of university is not comparable to 2 months here at NEXT. Plus, if I took this course before I join university, I would seriously consider to just work as a full time junior developer. "

Jeremy Tay

July 2017 graduate

Digital Marketing Quantum Degree

The Digital Marketing course focuses on providing a technical and hands-on experience for students. This is a 12-week programme, part time with 120 hours of studies (minimum). It is beginner friendly, suitable for individuals who want to learn digital marketing to grow their businesses.

For Cheah Ka Wai, NEXT Academy graduate and co-founder of Breakout, being equipped with digital marketing skills 2 years ago would’ve meant much more benefits for his company today.

Discover how digital marketing helped shape his new marketing strategies, resulting in 5x more leads and 2x more revenue.

"The whole learning experience throughout the 12 weeks was quite interactive. Within the course, there was always a short quiz after the videos, which helps students recall what they’ve learned in the videos. Also, if you have a burning question at any point during the course (I always tend to have questions at 1 a.m.), you can put it up on the Digital Marketing community page, where mentors and classmates would then answer you online."
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Eunice Law

June 2017 graduate

"During the 12 weeks, there was no doubt that I was getting the most substantial knowledge and best practices of digital marketing. We had new things to learn and apply every week. Besides the syllabus, what stood out for me was the structure of the course. It was very logical in a sense that on a weekly basis, you learn and apply at your own pace and convenience."
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Hilman Daniel

June 2017 graduate

"I loved the fact that we started on solid fundamentals, and that it was a hands-on experience from day one. It was pretty early on in the course that I was applying the coursework to my personal projects. NEXT Academy provides easy to follow, step-by-step, and clear guidelines on implementing this knowledge to any business areas of your life."
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Jia Chie

June 2017 graduate

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take"
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