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Web Development Bootcamp

The web development course focuses on full stack development where you will learn both frontend and backend of web development. This is a 9-week programme, full time with 360 hours of studies (minimum). It is beginner friendly and intensive, suitable for people who are serious about learning to code.

David Taylor

Web Development Bootcamp

Had a great time at NEXT Academy, 9 weeks that seemed to be as short as one month! Definitely a decision that requests a FULL COMMITMENT to get the maximum out of it!

Gan Yi Zhong

Web Development Bootcamp

Thanks for NEXT giving this opportunity to learn web development and meet new people. It was sweet and sour throughout the bootcamp but the result was satisfying.

Aiman Farhan

Web Development Bootcamp

Awesome bootcamp! The fundamentals and curriculum were great, but the greatest part of the bootcamp were the mentors.

iOS Mobile Development Bootcamp

The iOS mobile development course focuses on developing for iOS/ Apple device – iPhone. This is a 9-week programme, full time with 360 hours of studies (minimum). It is beginner friendly and intensive, suitable for people who are serious about learning to code.

Jun Jie

iOS Mobile Development Bootcamp

They have one of best mentors that are willing to help and guide you but not spoon feed you. I personally think that it is the best way to learn.

Khong Fong Tze

iOS Mobile Development Bootcamp

Thumbs up for the instructors! Good effort to connect students to employers! It worth the monies paid!

Goh Min-Yi

iOS Mobile Development Bootcamp

It has been a fruitful and worthwhile experience for me. I achieved my intended goal which I have set for myself before joining the bootcamp.

Digital Marketing Bootcamp

The Digital Marketing course focuses on providing a technical and hands-on experience for students. This is a 5-week programme, part time with 60 hours of studies (minimum). It is beginner friendly, suitable for individuals who want to learn digital marketing to grow their businesses.

Rasya Aqiyl

Digital Marketing Bootcamp

The bootcamp is hands-on and the mentors and the next academy staff guides you through the whole course.

Justin Ng

Digital Marketing Bootcamp

One of the most valuable courses i’ve taken. I feel much more confident providing marketing expertise to my company.

Max Thum

Digital Marketing Bootcamp

With a “simple” copywriting technique I’ve learnt from the mentors, I was able to drive 450% more traffic to my page compared to the week before.

Jia Wei

Digital Marketing Bootcamp

It was a great opportunity for me to able to enrol in such an awesome academy. Lecture’s stuff is so on point that i have learn so much with this bootcamp.

Karin Chang

Digital Marketing Bootcamp

The fact that each of them is an industry practitioner, allows us to learn what industry practitioners actually DO and not merely SAY to execute real life digital marketing campaigns that actually works.

Geoffrey Kee

Digital Marketing Bootcamp

Congrats to Next Academy, for making their digital marketing curriculum a success especially with in-depth contents and practical session shown during the 5 weeks bootcamp.

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