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Project Description

It is always a pain to have a bulky wallet even if it’s loads of cash, let alone if it was due to bulk of membership / loyalty cards.

BeepLah is a mobile app which allows users to access different merchant’s loyalty card without carrying the physical card around, basically an all-in-one digital membership card.

Basically a great way for users to keep track and access to all the 163572 cards that they have applied.

Project Details

Team member: Tan Jun Jie, Reuben Lim, and Jason
Cohort: June 2016
Bootcamp: IOS Development
Project Theme: –

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Instant View Of Card Status

Having carried many loyalty cards, it is hard for one to keep track of the status of all cards.

BeepLAH allows users to link all cards with the app and access to their status (expiry date, points, promotion, and etc), so that users will never miss out on any promotion ever!

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Map To Show Nearest Outlets For Promotion Redemption

BeepLAH will send push notification to users on the latest promotions by brands so that they can enjoy all benefits of their cards. Otherwise, users can also do this manually by scanning a QR code from brands.

Redemption of points and promotions are never easier with the “nearest available outlet for redemption” map function, where the map will be showing all the available outlets that are close to users’ location.


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