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Quantum Degree®

Learn front-end web programming skills and begin your journey as a web developer. This course will teach you how to build and design your own websites using HTML & CSS, design interactive features from scratch using JavaScript.

Languages Covered
HTML, CSS, JavaScript & NodeJS

Career Pathways
Web Designer, UI/UX Designer, Front-end Web Developer

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Become an entrepreneur. Stop being stuck at idea stage, begging people to be your tech cofounder or pay a bomb to get your ideas built by someone else. Learn enough to turn your ideas into apps. And when your app turns into a business, be your own CTO or hire someone better than you and never be left in the dark.


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Join Grab, Fave, MindValley and more. We partner with our region's best tech companies to place our graduates. Through our partner employers and recruiters across the regions, our graduates have been getting jobs in Singapore and Malaysia. Being a software engineer is both lucrative and enjoyable.


Become remote freelance web developers

Work remotely, enjoy the flexibility of freelancing as a software developer. After you have learned the skills, you can find freelance jobs locally or online and make whatever currencies you'd like.

What You'll Learn

Our curriculum is designed in such a way that each topic builds onto one another

  • HTML Basics

    Learn how to use HTML to block and build the scaffold of your website. You'll start to write a simple website for yourself without any styling. By the end of this module you'll have a good understanding of HTML to start writing CSS.

  • Styling With CSS

    In this lesson, you will learn how to use CSS to improve how your HTML markup looks. You will build upon what your newly built HTML page and turn it into something more presentable.

  • Mobile Responsive Design

    With more than 50% of web browsing being done on mobile phones it's imperative for developers to learn how to build mobile responsive websites.

  • Boostrap 4 & The Web Design Workflow

    Designing websites can be fun, but without a process, you'll be wasting a lot of time unnecessarily iterating and revising designs. In this week, we'll be teaching you how to use the web design workflow and Boostrap 4 - this are must have skills for front-end web developers.

  • Javascript I & Programming Basics

    In this week, you'll learn fundamental programming concepts such as variables, functions, and datatypes using Javascript. This week is crucial as it will set a foundation for you to learn other programming languages if you choose to.

  • Javascript II & Computational Thinking

    In the previous weeks, we cover mainly design, layouts and core programming concepts. This week will be quite different as you'll learn how to solve problems and write useful functions using computational thinking.

  • Building Interactive Features

    Ever visited an online store with an interactive product gallery? That's just one of the features Javascript is capable of. In this week, you'll learn how to build interactive features for your website such as a dynamic image gallery, and a word guessing game

  • APIs & Libraries

    Why reinvent the wheel? Learn how to utilize external information (using APIs) and use open sourced libraries to build your website features quicker!

  • Bonus: NodeJS

    Learn NodeJS a back-end framework for Javascript. This will be an introduction to server sided web development. You'll learn the fundamental web communication protocol HTTP, the command line, and also build a simple NodeJS server.

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What You'll Build

Projects you'll learn to build in this Quantum Degree®

A Portfolio Website

Display your newly learnt web design skills by building and designing your own static websites.

Tumblr Image Guessing Game

You'll learn how to build a simple guessing game that fetches images from Tumblr API and compares tags with users input.

Your Own API

Build an Application Programming Interface(API) that allows you to retrieve and send data between servers.


Build your own Tic-tac-toe board game. Learn critical thinking and problem solving skills to hone your learnings.
View Sample Project


Build your own Hangman game. Learn critical thinking and problem solving skills to hone your learnings.
View Sample Project

Bootcamp Enrollment

Tuition Fees
Tuition Fees MYR 3,499 or MYR 291.58/mth*
* Applicable to Malaysian Maybank Credit Card holders.
** We accept payments via Cryptocurrency.

HRDF Claimable HRDF claimable
Check with your HR today if they can send you for this training & be reimbursed by HRDF! 👍
Language of Instruction
Language of Instruction English
Class Format
Class Format Full-Time In-Person Workshop
  • 9:30am - 6:30pm, Mon - Fri
  • 2 Weeks / 80 Hours
* Want PART-TIME option? Click here.
Location A-G-7 Glomac Damansara, Jalan Damansara,
60000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Pre-Requisite & Requirements
Pre-Requisite & Requirements
  • No programming background necessary*
  • You should have your own laptop; preferably running Mac OS X or Linux. Windows will work too.
Certification A Certificate of Attendance and a report card of student's progress are provided. Students must achieve 98% attendance to be eligible for the cert.

Kuala Lumpur

Jun 3 - Jun 18, 2019

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Jul 11 - Jul 24, 2019

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Sep 25 - Oct 8, 2019

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Dec 5 - Dec 18, 2019

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*RESULTS DISCLAIMER: No programming background necessary. However, results may vary between individuals depending on how much hard work you put in. It is an intensive bootcamp experience and students are expected to give their 110% to complete the challenges if they wish to achieve their goals in becoming a competent coder.

Frequently Asked Questions

+What do I need to prepare for the course?

A laptop with Google Chrome

+What are the job prospects like for Front-end Web Developers? And how will NEXT Academy help me?

In general, Web Developers are extremely in demand all over the world. There is currently a huge shortage of skilled front-end developers and this will continue for decades to come as web development continues to evolve. Upon enrollment, you'll also have access to our job portal where we have more than 40 companies posting their jobs.

+Are Quantum Degrees recognized by employers?

The Quantum Degree® is a qualification unique to NEXT Academy which applies to its various tech programs. To own the certificate is proof of your dedication to completing the comprehensive curriculum. Recognition of the Quantum Degree® among employers is also rising as more of our graduates set foot in the tech industry.

Many of our past students come from unrelated industries, bearing zero tech knowledge, yet move on to be hired by companies such as AirAsia, Mindvalley, KFIT, Digi, and Grab, among many others. This is what the Quantum Degree® means to our graduates, and it can open similar doors for you as you set out to realize your own goals and ambitions.

+Can I defer once I've enrolled?

No, once the intake has started. Yes, before the intake starts. However, under extreme situations with substantial proof, we will evaluate on a case-by-case basis.

What Our Past Graduates Say

Jordan Rao
Jordan Rao
“I had an exceptional journey from being interested in programming to actually being able to program. The journey was filled with challenges but it was definitely worth it.”
Ton Pham
Ton Pham
“I enjoyed learning Web Development at Next Academy. When I started, I hadn't touched a computer for about a year. I wouldn't say I was tech-savvy at all. But after the course, I feel like I learned a lot. I don't think you have to be very tech-savvy or know all the latest trends to get into programming.”
Manoj Kumar
“A very good start for new programmers who wish to learn how to code and want to know what web development is about with the help of mentors”

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