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Build Media Responsive Websites With HTML, CSS, JavaScript And Connect It To A NodeJS server.
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About This
Quantum Degree®

In this 8-week course, you will learn fundamental web technologies to begin your journey to become a full-stack web developer.

You will be learning front-end languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and a back-end language NodeJS for a full-stack experience.

Sher Minn

About The Instructor

Sher Minn Chong is a web engineer at Viki. She has previously worked at various startups and companies in industries spanning job portals and fintech. Her technical expertise is front-end web, particularly JavaScript.

Sher Minn is also one of the co-founders of Rails Girls KL, part of an international volunteer effort to make computer science accessible to underrepresented groups in tech. She has been organizing workshops and speaking at tech events since 2014.

Outcomes For You

You’ll graduate from this Quantum Degree® with

360 degrees

Comprehensive Understanding

Gain a comprehensive overview of full-stack web development and understand how websites and web applications work

360 degrees

Mastery Through Application

Coding is best learnt through practical application with personal ownership. In addition to bite-sized lectures, the Quantum Degree gives you the opportunity to hone and master your coding abilities.

360 degrees

Community-Based Learning

You will not be learning alone. Network with like-minded peers, attend talks by industry experts to maximize your learning journey.

How Will I Learn

Your Learning Experience in our Part-time Quantum Degree®

Anytime & Anywhere

NEXT Academys' School Portal gives you the freedom to learn in your own time. Bring the classroom around with you. Experience a seamlessly formatted syllabus focused on building your fundamental skills in Digital Marketing.

Weekly Course Rollouts

Courses are released weekly to facilitate your learning experience and skill mastery. They come with their own set of lecture videos, quizzes and hands-on challenges to be completed by the end of the week. Challenges will be assessed by mentors.

Personalized Mentorship &
Peer Community

Learning happens best when there is a community and some guidance. You will not be learning all alone! Through our remote classroom you will be able to chat with fellow classmates, have discussions and help each other out. Stuck at a particular challenge? Or want help with some topics? Get help from our mentors who are eager to answer your questions and help you learn!

Course Structure



online lectures


2 - 3 hours / week

Learn on your own time with access to our Learning Portal. Upon enrolling you will have 1-year access to the materials

Lectures are structured and delivered in short, bite-sized videos for maximum knowledge retention.

online lectures

Hands-on Challenges

4 - 6 hours / week

Every week you will be assigned coding challenges and assignments that will help sharpen your coding skills.

Challenges are be based on the current weeks topic and you are required to submit them to your mentors.

online lectures


Q&A (Anytime) & Group Mentoring

Online Q&A anytime. Selected Saturdays have 1-hr Group Mentoring Sessions.

Learn from experts in the field. Benefit from supportive and insightful mentors. Get actionable insights and advice catered for your learning.

What You'll Learn

Discover front-end and back-end web development and
kickstart your journey to becoming a full-stack web developer.

  • Course 1

    Intro To Frontend Web Development

    Week 1 to 4

    Build and design websites using HTML and CSS, the 2 languages that powers every website on the internet. You will build beautiful and mobile responsive sites that are optimized for every screensize.


    Create mobile responsive, beautiful personal websites which can be viewed perfectly from different devices (phones/laptops)

  • Course 2

    Javascript Fundamentals & Interactivity

    Week 5 to 6

    Learn JavaScript fundamentals.

    Turbocharge the look and feel of your website using Javascript — a powerful scripting language that changes the behavior of elements in your website.


    Insert interactive behaviors into elements within a website to add a touch of colorful personality to it.

    A good ability to implement HTML, CSS and JavaScript is adequate to become a frontend developer.

  • Course 3

    Build Interactive Features, APIs & Libraries

    Week 7 to 8

    Take interactivity to the next level by building complex features and games by yourself. Learn how to use APIs and exisiting libraries to power up your websites.


    Build your own tic-tac-toe, word guessing game (sample here) and learn how to get pictures from Tumblr to create your own gallery.

    Tic-Tac-Toe Sample Hangman Sample
  • Bonus

    Intro To Back-end Web Development (Bonus)

    Learn backend programming with Javascript and Node.js to build server side web applications and connect frontend to the backend.


    Build your very own quote generator where you have a database to store all your favourite quotes. Add logic to it so it will randomly generate a quote everytime.

What Our Past Graduates Say

Jordan Rao
“I had an exceptional journey from being interested in programming to actually being able to program. The journey was filled with challenges but it was definitely worth it.”
Ton Pham
“I enjoyed learning Web Development at Next Academy. When I started, I hadn't touched a computer for about a year. I wouldn't say I was tech-savvy at all. But after the course, I feel like I learned a lot. I don't think you have to be very tech-savvy or know all the latest trends to get into programming.”
Manoj Kumar
“A very good start for new programmers who wish to learn how to code and want to know what web development is about with the help of mentors”


Tuition Fees
Tuition Fees
HRDF Claimable
MYR 2,360 or MYR 196.67/mth*
* Applicable to Malaysian Maybank Credit Card holders.
** We accept payments via Cryptocurrency.
Language of Instruction
Language of Instruction English
Class Format
Class Format Remote Immersive
  • Ask questions in the Q&A portal anytime
  • Selected Saturdays will have 1 hour of group mentoring sessions
  • Weekly assignment feedback
Location Anywhere! At the comfort of your coach, bed, in the plane, cafe... so long you are comfortable for a great time learning!
Pre-Requisite & Requirements
Pre-Requisite & Requirements
  • No programming background necessary*
  • You should have your own laptop; preferably running Mac OS X or Linux. Windows will work too.
Certification A Certificate of Attendance and a report card of student's progress are provided. Students must achieve 98% attendance to be eligible for the cert. Certificate of Completion is only provided to students who complete at least 80% of the challenges
April 30 - June 30, 2018
8 Weeks / 80 Hours

Saturday Group Mentoring Sessions:
May 12, May 26, June 9, June 16, June 30

You will also get:
1-Year Access to Learning Portal
Lifetime access to the Q&A community
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*What if I want to pursue more?
If you are interested in pursuing the 10-week Full Stack Web Development Quantum Degree after this course, feel free to ask us more about the upgrade.

Frequently Asked Questions

+I have zero coding background or knowledge, am I suitable?

Yes, this Quantum Degree is intended for the absolute beginner with zero coding background.

+What do I need to prepare for the course?

A laptop with Google Chrome and a fast internet connection is all you need to start!
If anything else is required we'll be sure to inform you beforehand :)

+How are classes conducted in this Quantum Degree?

This Quantum Degree will cover these three aspects of learning:

1. Gaining Knowledge
You will learn by accessing weekly lectures via our learning portal. Unlike typical 2-hour long lectures, our lectures are in the form of bite-sized videos to help maximize knowledge absorbtion and maintain your attention. You will also be presented with short quizzes to test your understanding.
(On your own time via Learning Portal)

2. Skills Mastery
We've discovered that the only way to properly consolidate students learning is by giving them challenges to solve. This will greatly enhance their understanding of the topics for the week. Each week, you will be presented with challenges to complete and submit to the learning portal. Your completed challenges will be reviewed and you will receive personalized feedback by your mentors.
(On your own time before Saturday submission deadline)

3. Networking
Our community portal will allow you to interact with your peers and mentors 24/7. Furthermore, the selected Saturday live meetups will be recorded.

+What are the job prospects like for Web Developers? And how will NEXT Academy help me?

There is a shortage for web developers in the industry today, given the speed of how technology is moving, businesses are required to keep up with the technological trends to stay competitive. Therefore web developers are always highly sought after.

This course was created with the working adult in mind, or anyone a person who wished to upskill themselves in their own time.

Due to the introductory nature of this Quantum Degree, we are unable to guarantee employment for our students after the course.
That said, we firmly believe that this Quantum Degree will serve as a perfect introduction to your journey into full-stack programming.

+Are Quantum Degrees recognized by employers?

The Quantum Degree® is a qualification unique to NEXT Academy which applies to its various tech programs. To own the certificate is proof of your dedication to completing the comprehensive curriculum. Recognition of the Quantum Degree®’s among employers is also rising as more of our graduates set foot in the tech industry.

Many of our past students come from unrelated industries, bearing zero tech knowledge, yet move on to be hired by companies such as AirAsia, Mindvalley, KFIT, Digi, and Grab, among many others. This is what the Quantum Degree® means to our graduates, and it can open similar doors for you as you set out to realize your own goals and ambitions.

+What is the difference between this Quantum Degree and the Full-time Bootcamps?
Big Picture

We built this course with the progressive individual in mind - the individual who wishes to upskill themselves and increase their value in the job market on their own time, but at the same time is unable to attend a full-time course. Part-time Quantum Degrees® gives you the best of both worlds. Flexibility, an awesome curriculum and expert mentorship!

The Differences

Our full-stack bootcamp prepares students to become Jr. Full-stack Developers right upon completion (400-hours intensive). In contrast this course will give you all you need to get started as a web developer - it will give you the foundational skills to starting a career in web development and also opens more possibilities for you to learn more advanced topics in web development in the future.

What Remains The Same

Personalized Mentorship
We learnt that the best learning experience happens when students are able to get feedback from instructors on their progress - thus we maintain the mentorship aspect from our bootcamps, albeit remotely.

Structured Curriculum
Our curriculum has been a big reason our courses are always filled - we built this course with similar curriculum methodologies, with the added benefit that you may learn from anywhere.

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take"
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