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Our Digital Marketing courses are the latest addition of courses to our lineup of world class, leading edge curriculum in the digital age.

Our mission is to empower a million individuals across South East Asia with the skills needed to stay competitive, as Digital Marketing is quickly becoming one of the most sought after skills among the tech startup ecosystem.

Outcomes For You

Some things you will be able to do

Hop on the entrepreneurs' journey

Want to start a startup/business but not sure where to start? Our digital marketing courses equips you with the bare essentials so you know what to spend your time and money on instead of running around clueless.

Grow your
businesses profits

Learn how utilize todays latest data analytics technologies to empower yourself to make great business decisions. Grow your businesses profitability advantage.

Enhance your
career skillset

In today's competitive job landscape, it's important for you to stay equipped with the latest skills from the digital age. Stay ahead of the competition and learn extra skills which will turn you into a top performer in your workplace.

Who Is This For

Business Owners

Learn how to leverage the latest trends in marketing, social media and conversion hacking to skyrocket your business revenue, generate more leads and maximize ROI.

Marketing Executives

Upskill yourself with the latest trends in marketing… Digital marketing of course! Innovate on your company's existing marketing models and boost profits and return on investment through groundbreaking digital strategies.


Validate your ideas, gain traction and scale your user base with cutting-edge digital marketing strategies. Learn the fundamentals of scaling your startup from experts whom have walked the talk.

Part-Time Quantum Degree®

Empower yourself and drive greater profits to grow your business or company with digital marketing skills.

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