Organise Or Join A Feeding Today

Built by: Yazed Jamal, Danial Zainul, New Jone Wee, Lena Fong, and Johnson Khoo
(Graduates of Web Development Bootcamp April 2016 Intake)

Project Description

Every night, tons of food is being wasted while the poor and homeless struggle to get by. They could only go back to their street homes after 10pm simply because that is when the shops close so they could go back to "roll out" their makeshift beds.

Now with Kfeed, you can help these people by posting up a "Feeding Event" or "Food Collection Event" if you happen to have extra food or would like to organize a feeding session.

Find A "Feeding Event" Near You

All feeding event will be listed where users can view the time, venue, and organiser at one glance.

Notably, Kfeed also tells users the amount of spot available for each session. This also makes keeping track of the number of attendees easier for organisers.

Social Ranking For Organisers And Feeders

There is also social feature for Kfeed, such as ranking for organisers and feeders to encourage participations.

Who knows, someday, someone might just decided to reward the top feeders or organisers?

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