Save and share your favourite places with your friends.

Built by: Andre Suhartanto, Bryan Lee
(Graduates of iOS Development Bootcamp Aug 2016 Intake)
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The "Why" Behind The App

Helping You Locate The Best Places At The Right Time

Making a decision of sights to visit or places to dine at can be tough when you're faced with a variety of options

Traveling abroad and looking for places to visit? Eager to try the best food in town but unsure of where to go?

The Locus app provides you with a list of the best places to visit marked by your friends, anywhere in the world – all based on personal experience.

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Save And Share Your Favourite Locations

Follow your friends or your favourite celebrities on the Locus app to find out what their top choices of places to visit are!

Access their profiles and leave reviews on places marked by them.

Display your favourite restaurant, cafe, best places for sightseeing or historical sites whether you're traveling or just plain looking to discover!


Wonder Less, Explore More

Find yourself spending too much time wondering where to go and what to do?

Spend less of your precious time brainstorming as Locus does just the job for you!

Browse the app to connect with friends – discover all the places they've explored and loved.


Get The Best Personalised Experience

Personal feedback from friends is the best way to discover activities suitable for your liking. It reduces time spent on research and allows you to embark on an authenthic, personalised adventure!

Save your favourite spots to visit during travels for your friends or visit places that were previously saved for the best experience.

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