Next Fund

Crowdfunding platform that aims to impact life for a positive change

Built by: Ethan Loke, Kevin Ong, Sean Wong, and Pei Hong
(Graduates of Web Development Bootcamp April 2016 Intake)

Project Description

Next Fund covers from planning to execution to ensure ends are meet for projects:

  1. Prelaunch – Successful projects engage their audience early to help generate pre-campaign buzz.
  2. Crowdfunding – Next Fund campaigns pair the freedom to tell stories with expert resources created by Next Fund's team of strategies.
  3. Marketplace – At the end of every successful campaign, Next Fund provides fulfillment tools and the ability to market the campaign. It also connects campaign to experts of selected fields.

Choose Your Campaign Based On Your Preference

Next Fund makes choosing campaign of users' interest simpler by categorising each campaign into their corresponding category.

It also indirectly increased the visibility of campaigns.

Campaign Details Page For Better Understanding

Each campaign has a dedicated info page with the option to add detailed descriptions, photos, and video. Here is where campaign owner convince potential funders.

The info page also comes with a countdown timer to increase urgency of funders in order to maximise the success rate to every campaign.

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