Packed Travel

Spontaneous And Localised Itineraries For Travellers

Built by: Tan Jun Jie, Stephen Kua, Sheena Moh, Tommy Loh, Jason Goh, and Reuben Lim
(Graduates of iOS Development Bootcamp June 2016 Intake)

Project Description

Packed Travel is a mobile app dedicated to travellers who hate planning but love to experience local culture. This app allows users to get a list of destinations of their liking within a proximity and arrange them according to time and distance.

All users need to do is to select destinations of their preference and navigate according to the app sequence. This will minimise users' time taken to search and plan the routes to enhance the travelling experience.

Swipe For Your Preferred Location

A Tinder-like interface is adopted in selecting preferred destination. All users need to do is to swipe left or right, where left signifies a ‘no' and ‘right' a yes.

The destination swiped right will be automatically input into the itinerary and will be ranked among other destinations according to their relative time and distance from users' location.

Mapping Of All Destination For The Ease of Navigation

Users are able to click on the maps and a route will be generated with each selected destination linked together. This is to give users a brief view of their route so that they will not get lost in a foreign place.

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