Generate Recipes. Plan Your Meals. Shop for Ingredients. Cook with Instructions.

Built by: Tan Jit Siang, Brigitte Leong, Aron Chee
(Graduates of Web Development Bootcamp Sept 2016 Intake)

The "Why" Behind The App

One-Stop Station For All Your Cooking Needs

Have random ingredients in your fridge but no idea what to cook with it? Want help to plan meals for your week? Ran out of ingredients for your week's planned meals? Want your recipes read out to you while cooking?

With Platable, there will be no more wastage and no more reasons not to cook healthy and delicious meals.


Generate Recipes For You

You've random items in your fridge? Put them in and Platable will generate popular recipes curated by the foodie communities using those items you have.

Oh, you can take out recipes with ingredients you are allergic to as well. No worries, we've got you covered.


Plan Your Meals Ahead of Time

Lazy to figure out what to cook for the day? Why not just plan it ahead of time? In fact, you can come out with weekly meals planning with suggestions from Platable.


Shop For Missing Ingredients

Now you've got your recipes. Platable will come out with a checklist for your missing ingredients. You can buy online via Platable, or check out the supermarkets near you on Platable.


Instructions Read Out To You

No one likes to cook while scrolling on their phone with greasy fingers for every step of the instructions.

All you need is to say "Start" and Platable will read it out for you. Feel free to say "Pause" and "Resume" to control your cooking instructions.

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