Speak Easy

A language exchange app which help users around the world to practice with native speakers.

Built by: Erika Tavera, Ben Phang, Damien Lee, James Wright
(Graduates of Web Development Bootcamp Sept 2016 Intake)

The "Why" Behind The App

Helping One Another To Learn A New Language

Travelling to a new country? Want to speak like a local?

The best way to learn a language is to meet native speakers of the languages you want to pick up. This is where Speak Easy comes in. It is a platform to connect you with like-minded people who have the same interest and want to learn new languages together.

Host or Join

Say "Hello" To A New Friend

We will provide you the best matches for your profile. You can either host a chat or join a chat!

If you host a chat, you can earn ‘coins' while teaching people how to speak in your native language.


Learn To Speak Like A Native

Speaking is more than just words, it is about the body language as well. Learn how to converse naturally like a native speaker.

The sessions can be recorded, and after the conversation, you can rewatch your sessions and improve on what you learned.


Teach To Earn, Pay To Learn

Every session requires coins. So no worries, you can earn coins as you teach. If you need more coins, you can head to your profile and buy coins via PayPal.

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