Team Up

Connecting You With New Friends For Any Games And Activities.

Built by: Yeo Liren, Gloria Teng, Tee Kuang Seng
(Graduates of Web Development Bootcamp August 2016 Intake)

The "Why" Behind The App

Locate Players And Team Up

Tired of not being able to find suitable teammates for a sport or activity you've been looking to partake in?

Certain activities require fixed number of players to participate in, and this can be a hindrance for the activities to take place.

Team Up aims to ease the process between interest and execution as it provides a platform for individuals who share common interests to come together.


What's Your Favourite?

Find an activity you like or try your hand in a new game. Don't worry if your friends call in sick or if you can't find like-minded enthusiast around you.

From now onwards, Team Up will settle your worries for you.

Host or Join

Start Getting Into The Game

Indoor? Outdoor? Or extreme sports? Team Up will help find activities for you to join. You can also choose to host the activities yourself.

This is a good time to strengthen old bonds and find new friends.


Connect With New Friends

With this messenger function, we can get to know our team mates as well as ensuring everything are all planned and communicated properly for the activities.

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Know More About Their Expertise

Learn more about your new team mates and their expertise. The ratings and reviews are crowdsourced based on other people's experience with him.

Want to Build Apps Too?

Discover how to learn to code and build apps like this in 10 weeks. Check out the bootcamp they've attended.

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