Where Physically Less-Abled And The Elderly Contribute

Built by: Aaron, Sini, Raz, and Kevin
(Graduates of Web Development Bootcamp April 2016 Intake)

Project Description

Toivo is a platform that provides opportunities for the physically less abled and the elderly (Talents, as we call them), as well as a chance to help by getting help for everyone else. Talents have a chance to contribute their abilities by offering services on Toivo. They are call services, but they can actually be either goods or services offered by our Talents.

Users can browse through our list of services. You might be surprised with the quality on offer by the so-called ‘less-abled'.

It's different than simply buying something or donating. Toivo provides opportunities for talents to find their purpose and to contribute something to society with their abilities. Just because they're physically less abled, doesn't mean they're not extraordinarily abled in other ways!

P.s. Toivo means hope in Finnish, it is their hope to provide hope. Even it only a little bit.

Clear View Of Services

Users have a clear overview of all the goods and services offered by Toivo's talents in the form of cards, where basic information such as price, category, and provider were presented.

User may also opt to search based on their needs and requirement.

Individual Profile For More Infos And Reviews

The individual service info page provides more information through visualisation, longer description and comments by real users.

Users can also review or provide comment on the service offered by Toivo's talent to reflect on the quality of service provided.

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