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Simon Lee

As a digital marketer at a professional training company, Simon had always maintained a passion for coding.  

Due to new opportunities at his workplace, he realized that learning to code is the fastest way to unleash his full potential at work!
simon lee next academy coding student

What was it like before you joined NEXT Academy?

I tried to learn programming myself initially. However, I lost interest as there was no one to guide me to solve my problems. Although other online resources, such as Stackoverflow, has a large number of developers who are willing to help, I did not understand the solutions at all. I find that there is no point to blindly plant their code into my project.

At work, I was assigned to take over tasks such as website setup & maintenance, server migration & setup, as well as APIs integrations in his company. Sometimes, I had no idea on how to complete the tasks and ended up spending hours on researching the solutions online.


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