There are many new tools you can use to reach your target audience online, but is Email Marketing one of them?

Definitely! Now that you have reached your target audience, email marketing can help you continuously connect with your ideal prospect and increase their interest in your business.

Discover the various types of email marketing which you never knew people have been using on you!

We often hear people say, “No one reads emails anymore!”

Well, no one reads emails that don’t give value to them!

Email is an inexpensive way to repeatedly reach your audience and customers. Give value to them and make them look forward to your emails.

Use a mix of these 3 email marketing types to reach your customers. Always remember, value is the key!

This is only one little tip on email marketing. There’s so much more to learn.

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Meet Our Graduates

Our graduates join us from all walks of life, find out what they have to say about us!

Eunice Law

Digital Marketer

“I expected the course to be quite conceptual and basic. But as I progressed further into the course, I realized it was quite technical, as the course also covered many technical know-hows — analytics & performance measure, keyword research, and more.”
Adrian Ling

Digital Marketer and Hotelier

"After learning digital marketing at NEXT Academy, I was able to use the knowledge I gained and apply it to the company I work at. I am able to modernize my company's digital marketing structure and bring brand new ideas to the table."
Angeline Eow

University Student

"I came from zero marketing background, but with NEXT Academy’s help, now I understand what is digital marketing all about and I am truly prepared for the working world."

Ready to be a Digital Marketer?

Ready to be a Digital Marketer?