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Tech Centric School

NEXT Academy is Southeast Asia’s leading school for aspiring entrepreneurs, freelancers, software engineers, and digital marketers. We offer sought-after skills, taught in a time-efficient manner, so that everyone from college students to working professionals can take their careers to the next level.

We offer courses in web development and digital marketing in full-time, part-time, and remote formats.

All courses are HRDF claimable.

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Our Coding/ Programming Courses

We are the first coding school in Malaysia that introduced the Silicon Valley inspired coding bootcamp. Our coding courses are intensive, immersive and mentor guided. We focus on practical training where students can get hired as developers even if they started with zero coding background.

The coding courses are held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Programming Certificate will be provided upon completion of the course. All courses are HRDF claimable.

Front-End Web Development

2 Weeks | Full-Time | In-Person

Learn the basics of web development and build beautiful websites with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Students have the option to move onto the Back-end syllabus on completion.


Full-Stack Web Development

10 Weeks | Full-Time | In-Person

The fastest route to becoming a Full-Stack web developer. Gain an all-round understanding in programming, and learn to build an app in just 10 weeks. No pre-requisites necessary.


Part-Time Frontend Web Development

8 Weeks | Part-Time | In-Person + Online

Tuesdays & Thursdays (Lecture) + on-demand face-to-face mentorship. Learn the basics of web development and build beautiful websites with HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and JavaScript. Students have the option to move onto the Back-end syllabus on completion.


ReactJS Frontend App Development

2 Weeks | Full-Time | In-Person

Pre-requisite: Frontend Web Development

Up-skill yourself beyond HTML, CSS and JavaScript with this popular frontend framework called ReactJS. It is a JavaScript framework which was developed by Facebook to build single page apps with seamless user experience.


Python Backend Web Development

6 Weeks | Full-Time | In-Person

Pre-requisite: Frontend Web Development

Learn to build web apps by combining your frontend website with a backend powered by Python programming. You will learn Python, SQL, APIs and Flask to build any fully working app you can imagine to create!


Need more information on our coding courses?


Our Digital Marketing Courses

Our digital marketing courses are designed to see all aspect of digital marketing as a means to help us achieve the big business goal. This course is suited for people who wants to be a digital marketer, to grow their business or to bring their business online.

Xinch, the primary designer of the course, brings together her experience to us as a marketer (for one of the biggest internet company in the world, MindValley), as a CMO in-demand (for various startups in the region) and as an entrepreneur (she sold her startup to Carousell).

The remote course allows you to learn from anywhere in the world, and the onsite digital marketing course is held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Digital Marketing Certificate will be provided upon completion of the course. All courses are HRDF claimable.

Digital Marketing Remote Immersive

12 Weeks | 10 Hours/ Week | Online

Turbocharge your business and increase your visibility in the digital world. Our structured curriculum will show you how you can increase your revenue and double your leads for your business.


Digital Marketing Product Launch Bootcamp

5 Weeks | 2 days/Week | Face-to-Face

Spend 5 weeks, Thursdays and Saturdays with us to learn and implement digital marketing. This accelerated programme will teach you how to turbocharge your business and increase your visibility in the digital world.


Read our comprehensive guide here:

The Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing Course

Student Nationalities

NEXT Academy has graduated a diverse group of students from Africa, Asia, Middle East and North America to re-invent a more meaningful and lucrative career for themselves.

Student Graduated

The single biggest reason to join NEXT Academy is to be a part of a huge network that consists of like-minded NEXT Academy graduates from over 50 countries, which will be instrumental to your career’s success.

Alumni Network Worth

Our graduates are start-up investors, entrepreneurs, and software developers from the best companies. The collective value and net worth of our graduates are currently north of USD50 million and growing.

Learning Experience

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Curriculum Built By Experts & Hands-on Learning

Our curriculum is built by industry experts following industry best practices and standards. We emphasize mastery and understanding of the fundamentals with hands-on challenges as we believe that it is the best way to learn skills.

Personalised Mentorship

Our instructors and mentors are practitioners of their respective fields and are always there to assist you in your journey. Rest assured that you are in good hands.

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Job & Career Support

We are actively assisting our students in job placements to help connect employers and students. Learn more below.

Job Placement Programme

Upon completing our coding bootcamps, we will assist our graduates in getting their portfolios and resumes up to industry standards, and then get them in touch with our partners and affiliate companies for placement, internship or even full-time employment opportunities.

To find out more:

Meet Our Graduates

Our graduates join us from all walks of life, find out what they have to say about us!
Coming to NEXT Academy bootcamp really helped me tremendously. It increased my speed of learning, and it’s so exciting that I can learn together with like-minded people from all over the world!
Emika Iljuin
Engineer to Full-stack coder
Every entrepreneur should learn digital marketing because they can reach a wider audience out there, like people who they would not expect would actually buy their products.
Fion See
Founder of Sticker Bear
Before I joined NEXT Academy, I joined a few other bootcamps before. But, the difference between NEXT Academy and them is so prominent. NEXT Academy prioritized hands-on practice, while a lot of other bootcamps teach more on theories.
Bintang Tobing
Front-end Web Developer
Digital marketing is an essential skill in a job market because it’s so close to our daily lives. It’s accessible everywhere. I enjoyed learning together with the mentors at NEXT Academy
Eda Tee
Digital Marketer
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