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We are Southeast Asia's Best Coding School For Aspiring Entrepreneurs, Freelancers And Software Developers.
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Tech Founder

Why outsource when you can build it yourself for less time and less money? With a huge shortage of developers, stop begging around for a techie to help you. Plus, up skill yourself with a skill you can use for life!

Work At The
Best Companies

Our graduates have been hired by some of the exciting companies including KFIT, GrabTaxi, Revasia, Says, Mindvalley and many more! In just 10 weeks, NEXT Academy's Web Development Bootcamp teaches the relevant skills and knowledge to be employable after the programme.

Be a Freelance Developer

Work from anywhere and earn USD from sites like,! Coding is one of those great skills that allows you to work from anywhere in the world and still make money. Join us to get started!

Meet Our Grads

Wei Jia

Wei Jia

Investment Analyst to
Graduated March 2015

Once an investment analyst, Wei Jia left her job to learn to code. For her final project during the bootcamp, her team launched an Artisan Cookie e-commerce site and earn enough to feed the team cookies for 3 solid months! She decided to jump into the startup scene and she is now a software developer with KFIT.


Ahmad Syahir

Fresh Grad to
Senior Developer
Graduated May 2015

"I've studied as a software engineer for 2 years. After graduating, I joined NEXT Academy Coding Bootcamp to find out that it covered all I need to know about Computer Science in just 2 months! The hands-on curriculum is all you need to turn you from zero to a jedi coder!"


Fung Wei Tan Tai

Project Manager to
Graduated January 2015

"The Bootcamp taught me how to think like a developer, I am now able to better manage my team and plan our technology roadmap for the future, I now also have many more mentors and friends to pull on when I am in need of technical advice."

Your Career Advantage

Graduated over 400 World Class Junior Developers and 200 Digital Marketers

The single biggest reason to join NEXT Academy is for you to be part of a huge network of like-minded skilled graduates of NEXT Academy, from over 40 different countries, which will be instrumental to your career's success.

Alumni Network Worth More Than $50 Million

Our graduates are start-up investors, entrepreneurs and software developers at the best companies. The collective value and networth of our graduates is currently north of US$ 50 million and growing.

Job Support in Singapore and Malaysia

There is nothing more important than being given a chance to proof your abilities. We work hard and are constantly working on connecting our graduates with the best employers from various countries. We also work with exclusive recruiters to help our graduates find jobs from around the world.

Founded and Taught by Real Software Developers

NEXT Academy's member of staff consist of 80% software developers. At our very core, we are an entreprenuerial engineering education institution that will educate you with practical knowledge to succeed in your tech career.

World Leading Curriculum

NEXT Academy was born out of experience from Silicon Valley coding schools. Our curriculum is every bit designed to help you become world class junior developers, capable of getting jobs at the most renown tech companies around the world.

Personalized Learning with Real Instructors

We believe that everyone learns at different pace and style. And because we are an impact driven rather then profit driven school, we keep a healthy ratio of instructors to students that few education institution is keen on matching. This ratio allows NEXT Academy students to truly learn and have their questions answered.

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