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Coding Student App Projects

Check out students’ final project after learning how to code during the 10-week Web Development Bootcamp.

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10-Week Coding Bootcamp Structure

This immersive & mentor guided 10-week course is separated into 3 parts. Students will need to utilise all the knowledge they have in this 3 part course to build their ideal app by the end of the program.

Part 1

Front-End Web Development

Students will use the basics of web development - HTML, CSS and JavaScript to build the look and feel of the website. They will also learn how to write algorithms and integrate basic 3rd party APIs/ services.

Part 2

ReactJS Frontend App Development

Students will learn advance frontend framework by utilising ReactJS framework to create seamless user experience and single page applications

Part 3

Python Backend Web Development

Students will build web apps by combining their frontend website with a backend powered by Python programming. They will use Python, SQL, APIs and Flask to build any fully working app they can imagine to create!

Final Project

Build An App In 2 Weeks

Students will combine the knowledge they have learnt from Part 1, 2 & 3 to create their own apps. They are encouraged to implement new technologies or features outside the course curriculum to demonstrate adaptability & competency.

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Student Fun Facts:

  • 70-80% started with zero or minimal coding knowledge (no IT background)

  • Age range: from 16 years old to 35 years old

  • Students from different backgrounds: lawyers, doctors, students, dropouts, artists, DJs, journalist, bankers, accountants, engineers, marketers etc.

The Pitch Final Projects

All these projects are built in 2 weeks. It is a very tight timeline but they have shown amazing progress despite many of them started with zero coding knowledge before they join us.

This is the outcome of their 2-week final project. Enjoy~

Meet Our Graduates

Our graduates join us from all walks of life, find out what they have to say about us!
Coming to NEXT Academy bootcamp really helped me tremendously. It increased my speed of learning, and it’s so exciting that I can learn together with like-minded people from all over the world!
Emika Ijuin
Civil Engineer to Full-stack Coder
Coding is really just one part of the journey at NEXT Academy. You get people from around the world coming to this bootcamp! You have people with different backgrounds and diverse experiences come to share what they've learned in their life.
Jeffrey Soong
Restaurateur to Full-stack Coder
As a business owner, I wanted to learn to code to be more involved in my tech media business. I joined NEXT Academy and during the course, I rebuilt my entire site from scratch and included my own features.
Sean Mitchell
Entrepreneur & Full-stack Coder
I had some application ideas for my country, but I didn't know how to code. I decided to join NEXT Academy to make an impact to my country. It has been an amazing journey.
Abal Aziz
Full-stack Coder

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