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So You Wanna Be A Coder

It's not as hard as it sounds. Follow the story of a graphic-designer-turned-programmer and see for yourself.

16 May 2018
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Founders And Tech Skills: Wei Shian And Yen Ping From Advanx Health

Advanx Health is a company that has not 1, but 2 NEXT Academy graduates at its helm. Wei Shian and Yen Ping share somewhat similar journeys. They both come from a Pharmacy education background before moving to the world of tech. After completing their coding bootcamps, they went on to gain experience in the tech industry. Wei Shian became […]

Coding, Entrepreneurship, Graduates, Graduates' Stories, Tech & Startups, testimonial

Founders And Tech Skills: Jeremy Ong And Jeannette From VapeClubMY

  VapeClubMY is an online store that specializes in Malaysian e-juices, and it was created to introduce the huge variety of Malaysian e-liquids to the rest of the world. Both its founders, Jeannette Goon and Jeremy Ong met through NEXT Academy’s Web Development bootcamp, and it was this catalyst that had launched their business in […]

15 May 2018
Coding, Entrepreneurship, Graduates, Graduates' Stories, Tech & Startups

On Starting A Business, Failing, And Rising Again

What if I told you that your soulmate is just one friend introduction away? The Idea For Starting A Business Love is a beautiful thing and let’s be honest, everyone is always finding love. In fact, this industry alone is worth 2 billion dollars per year and is capitalized by Tinder. This also includes speed dating services and […]

14 May 2018
Coding, Graduates, Graduates' Stories

Landing A Job In Coding With Sayaka Chua

From Culinary Arts To Landing A Job In Coding Sayaka is an interesting personality who had ventured through multiple industries throughout her career. After exploring, she’d decided on landing a job in coding. As a culinary arts graduate, Sayaka had worked in operations for e-commerce sites such as Groupon and foodpanda. Following that, she would work for Saltycustoms, a […]

11 April 2018
Digital Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Graduates, Graduates' Stories, Quantum Degree

Sweet Entrepreneurial Skills: Digital Marketing With Iza

What would you do if you love flexing your entrepreneurial skills, but often get blocked by obstacles? You stay true to your dream, and get right back to it when you’re ready. That’s what Iza Sallehuddin, NEXT Academy’s Digital Marketing graduate did. Her latest venture has been thriving for 7 years now, and it’s still going […]

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