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how to find a new job

Got Laid Off? How to find a new job?

Josh Teng

Lifeskill – Improve Soft Skills with Tech App

Be better equipped for Life by learning soft Skills the fun way. Lifeskill is here to help teachers develop students’ soft skills. Lifeskill is a part of NEXT Academy Students Project. Lifeskill is created by Dwi, Juliana, Casey, Fariz, and Shunsuke

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fish and chip smart aquaponic system
Josh Teng

Fish and Chip – Smart Aquaponic System

Fish and Chip is a smart aquaponics system to grow your food with conventional aquaculture with hydroponics in a symbiotic environment. This app is part of the Student Projects from Web Development Bootcamp from April 2019

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coderbot app founders
Josh Teng

Coderbot – Coding Communities Finder App

Coderbot is a platform for programmers to find the perfect coding communities based on your ability and programming language. Coderbot is part of NEXT Academy’s Student Project from Web Development Bootcamp course November 2018 batch.

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engage+ facial recognition
Josh Teng

Engage+ Facial Recognition for Student Engagement App

Engage+ is a self-improvement tool for educators to check students’ understanding of each class. How it works is, Engage+ provides students engagement data with various tools, from face detection to help with attendance data to emotion detection to understand how are the students feel during the class.

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