Effectively Grow Your Business & Get New Customers With Paid Advertising

Facebook & Instagram • Google & Youtube

Who Should Join This?

💥 People who want to be up-skilled & be a digital marketer
Build up skills for yourself and become an advertising specialist.

💥 Business Owners who want more leads & customers.
Stop using basic Facebook post boosting or wish that you can run Google Ads effectively. Learn how to utilise the best of Facebook & Instagram, Google & Youtube to find customers for you!

💥 New Entrepreneurs who just started their business.
Starting from ZERO and looking for your first customers? Learn to use Facebook & Instagram to validate and grow your business.

Why you shouldn’t miss out on this!
By the end of the course, you should be equipped with Advertising basics to advanced knowledge as well as step-by-step practical framework and strategies to help you to build and grow your own business.

3 Programmes You Can Choose From...

youtube google next academy

Google & Youtube Advertising (2-Day)

facebook instagram next academy

Facebook & Instagram Advertising (2-Day)

youtube instagram facebook google

2-in-1: Media Buy & Paid Advertising (4-Day)

penjana eis perkeso next academy training provider

Fully Sponsored + 6-Month Income Support!

Perkeso, EIS & Penjana have put forth initiatives to help fellow Malaysians during this season to upskill yourselves with the latest digital skills!
  • Send your newly hired employee to learn for FREE with salary support!
  • Just joined a company? Ask them to send you for this class for FREE!
  • Lost your job in the last 6 months? This is for you

Full-Day Online LIVE Training

You will get online learning access with step-by-step resources on how you can do Ads for your business.

You will also get LIVE lectures with industry experts as they teach and share with you their experience and case studies.

Implement what you have learned and during the feedback session, the mentors can provide you more tips!

Be Guided & Get Certified

You will be guided by marketers and tap into their experiences. You will get to experience their thought processes and learn directly from them.

After the course is done, you will be able to get your Advertising certificate.

Bonus Resources on Content Creation

Creating ads require good creatives and assets. Learn how to create content fast and with impact.

We are giving you this bonus course on how to create amazing and impactful assets such as videos & images which you can use for ads and social media content.

Learn from business centric marketing experts

Join the Facebook & Instagram Advertising Masterclass today, learn tips, tricks and strategies to grow your business with your new knowledge!

What You'll Learn

Learn essential digital marketing strategies. You will get a 360-degree understanding over a broad range of topics.

  • Understanding How Facebook & Instagram works
  • Facebook & Instagram Ads Objectives & Format
  • Facebook & Instagram Audience Targeting
  • Introduction to The Power of Facebook Pixel
  • Facebook & Instagram Conversion Goals
  • Facebook & Instagram Ads Objectives (Advanced)
  • Facebook & Instagram Audience Targeting (Advanced)
  • A/B Testing & CBO
  • Ad Success Tracking & Measurement
  • Case Studies
  • Understanding How Google works
  • Keyword Research
  • Google Ads Conversion Goals
  • Creating Step-by-Step Search Ads
  • Understand How Youtube works
  • Youtube Audience Targeting
  • Youtube Ads Conversion Goals
  • Creating Step-by-Step Youtube Ads
  • Ad Success Tracking & Measurement
  • Case Studies
  • Mentor feedback session on ads

Join Us Now!

  • Online Learning Access with Online Curriculum
  • LIVE sessions with mentors: 10am – 4pm
  • Ads feedback session
  • No digital marketing background required
  • At least have a Facebook and Instagram account (for platform familiarity purposes) or have used Google and Youtube before

A Certificate of Attendance will be provided upon 100% completion of the course

Zoom Online Class

  • Check if you are eligible under Penjana, Perkeso or EIS.
  • If yes, you can get your course FULLY SPONSORED with 6-Month Income Support (based on eligibility).
  • For more details, please reach out via LIVE chat or Whatsapp us.

Google & Youtube Advertising (2-Day)

👉 15-16 June
👉 RM1,980

Facebook & Instagram Advertising (2-Day)

👉 17-18 June
👉 RM1,980

2-in-1 Paid Advertising (4-Day)

👉 15-18 June
👉 RM3,200

Who Is NEXT Academy?

NEXT Academy has trained many people from different backgrounds to become coders.
E.g. journalists, accountants, engineers, DJs, waiters, students and more. Here’s what they say.

Eda Tee

Digital Marketer

Digital marketing is an essential skill in a job market because it’s so close to our daily lives. It’s accessible everywhere. I enjoyed learning together with the mentors at NEXT Academy.


Digital Marketer

“I’ve realized that the skills in marketing is not enough, the new world is moving so fast with all the new technology. I think you need to pass into digital marketing right now!”

Cheah Kah Wai

Co-founder of Breakout & Hauntu

After the course, I saw conversions and ROI for my campaigns. If I’ve done this 2 years ago, my business would have gone further than this.

Angeline Eow

University Student

I came from zero marketing background, but with NEXT Academy’s help, now I understand what is digital marketing all about and I am truly prepared for the working world.

Fion See

Founder of Sticker Bear

Every entrepreneur should learn digital marketing because they can reach a wider audience out there, like people who they would not expect would actually buy their products.

Adrian Ling

Event-Hotelier-Digital Marketer

“After learning digital marketing at NEXT Academy, I was able to use the knowledge I gained and apply it to the company I work at. I am able to modernize my company’s digital marketing structure and bring brand new ideas to the table.”

Are You Ready To Pick Up A New Skill?

…Start your digital marketing journey today!