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Full-Time Contract

The impact of COVID19 has resulted in the acceleration of digital adoption and this includes existing businesses transitioning from retail storefronts to e-commerce. On top of that, we have also seen an increased in the number of people becoming online entrepreneurs. Join us in helping these individuals and businesses excel in e-commerce and establish a brand name for yourself!‍


‍1. Design and create course content from experiments
2. Conduct daily trainings‍


‍1. Have worked in a digital marketing / e-commerce marketer role for a minimum of 1 year
2. Worked in an e-commerce environment
3. Strong copywriting abilities
4. Launched ads on Facebook, Google and other platforms before
5. Experienced using data to analyze and improve marketing campaigns‍

Important Traits

‍1. Curiosity – to try and learn new things in digital marketing and online commerce
2. Action Oriented – like getting hands dirty implementing and executing
3. Self-initiative – to learn and implement new ideas without being asked
4. Perceptive of human behavior
5. Good language and speaking skills‍

Good to Have

1. Experienced using shopping cart software – Shopify / WooCommerce / BigCommerce etc+
2. Have experienced selling on marketplaces such as Lazada / Shopee / Amazon / Alibaba
3. Have formal or informal teaching experience

About NEXT Academy

NEXT Academy is a school for people from all walks of life who are interested to learn to code, do digital marketing with the ultimate goal of becoming a world class software engineer, effective digital marketer and/or tech/online entrepreneur.

We also believe in equipping talent of all levels with the digital skills to innovate and thrive in their own career to propel overall business competitive and uniqueness.

Up till January 2017, we have graduated 500 software developer and digital marketers from 40 different countries. Many of them are now pursuing careers in the technology/digital industry as software engineers, project managers, designers, developers, digital marketers and entrepreneurs.

Companies such as Amazon, Google, AirAsia, Digi, Fave/KFIT, Grab, Tinkerbox and more have hired our graduates. Many of our graduates have also gone on to build their own startups generating millions in revenue and raised millions as well in the process.

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take"

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