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2 Days Bootcamp (English)
  • Options to choose: 
    • Physical Classroom
    • Zoom Online (live)
  • 10 Contact Hours
  • No digital marketing background required
  • At least have a Facebook and Instagram account


  • Facebook & Instagram Advertising Basics
  • Facebook & Instagram Advertising Advanced
  • How to Setup an Impactful Campaign
  • Facebook Pixel & Facebook Conversion API
  • Paid Ads Optimization
  • 🎁 Bonus: Impactful Landing Page, Ad Creative & Copy

If you are one of these, it’s time to learn!

  • Business Owners who want more leads & customers.
    Stop using basic Facebook post boosting. Learn how to utilise the best of Facebook & Instagram to find customers for you!
  • New Entrepreneurs who just started their business.
    Starting from ZERO and looking for your first customers? Learn to use Facebook & Instagram to validate and grow your business.
  • People who want to be up-skilled & be a digital marketer
    Build up skills for yourself and become a Facebook & Instagram advertising specialist.

Why you shouldn’t miss out on this!
By the end of the course, you should be equipped with Facebook & Instagram Advertising basics to advanced knowledge as well as step-by-step practical framework and strategies to help you to build and grow your own business.

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What Wil You Learn

Our curriculum is designed in such a way that each lessons builds onto one another.

Kickstart your Meta paid advertising journey but learning the different ad objectives and targeting options. Here you will learn when to use what to get the best result for your business!

We will be covering the do’s and don’ts that you must absolutely look out for to make sure your ad account stays safe.

Here, you will be setting up your first campaign with confidence under mentor’s guidance!

Level up your advertising with the use of Lookalike audience, Custom Audience and learn how and when to use remarketing to nurture your potential audience or even to get your existing customers to buy from you over and over again!

You will learn how to structure your ads, what is the best way for you to keep it nice and clean which helps you track your campaigns in the future.

Not just that, you may have heard of CBO, no-CBO and even A/B testing. What are these and when to use this?

You will learn how these can impact your campaigns  and when you may want to consider to use these.


The most powerful part about Meta is the ability to track. Do you know that Meta is able to use Facebook and Instagram to track you – from the moment you click on the ad, to the moment you buy on some website!

How is this possible? The answer: tracking.

When you are able to track, Meta is able to measure and optimise the results for you!

However, today, there are more and more regulations and rules on tracking. Here we will show you what is the best way to keep track of your data so that your campaigns are optimised for results.

You will be learning about the tips and tricks of what is impactful ad creatives and copywriting that can boost your sales or get streams of leads like never before!

It’s not just about the ad objectives or the strategies, your landing page, ad videos, ad images and copywriting plays a big role in capturing attention and traffic. That goes a long way…

Here we will be giving you good ideas to start with!

What's Our
Student's Top
Favourite Features!


* Best for all Bootcamps

  • Immersive, fun & hands-on
  • Launch real campaigns
  • Mentors share own insights, experience & tips with you on the spot
  • Updated best practices & curriculum

* Best for Physical Bootcamps

Brainstorm your business/ company’s marketing initiatives with fellow students as they bring their experience and exposure unto the table

All our mentors are digital marketing practitioners-cum-trainers.

Certificate of completion will be provided. The class activities can be included in your portfolio.


Programme Details:

Digital Marketing

Facebook and Instagram Masterclass

Options to choose:

Physical In-Person


Zoom Online (live)

Learn digital marketing in our physical, immersive bootcamp. It is beginner friendly and you’ll be interacting with fellow peers and mentors. Networking opportunities are aplenty here!


2 Days / 10 Hours:

Friday: 10am – 5pm
Saturday: 10am – 5pm


  • Facebook & Instagram Advertising Basics
  • Facebook & Instagram Advertising Advanced
  • How to Setup an Impactful Campaign
  • Facebook Pixel & Facebook Conversion API
  • Paid Ads Optimization
  • 🎁 Bonus: Impactful Landing Page, Ad Creative & Copy
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MYR 2,200
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* FREE if you are retrenched in 2022
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* 24 months financing
* 12 months, 0 interest

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