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2-Week HTML, CSS, Bootstrap & JavaScript Coding Masterclass

Full-Time • Certification • Online Live Mentorship

Beginner-friendly, no prior experience needed, only a computer!

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What is HTML,CSS & JavaScript?

💥Why you shouldn't miss this!

All beautiful websites are powered by HTML and CSS! By the end of the course, you should be equipped with HTML & CSS as well as Bootstrap to build your frontend mobile responsive websites.

You may also want to create interactive websites which can respond to your visitors' behaviours. You can also code simple frontend programs. With this, you would need the power of JavaScript.

We will be focused on hands-on and practical sessions through our coding challenges so that you can follow us step-by-step in creating your projects!

💥10 Days Accelerated LIVE Online Learning
Don't just stop with theoretical knowledge! Experience how to code in HTML, CSS, Bootstrap & JavaScript and what you can do with it through this hands-on learning.

💥Kickstart Your Coding Journey
Do you know that many coders in the world first learn HTML, CSS followed by JavaScript to start off their coding journey? This will become your first step in learning to code!

💥Live Lectures & Live Mentorship Online
Step-by-step coding walkthrough session where you can learn according to your own pace. Get Online real-time mentorship when you are stuck with code!

💥Taught by NEXT Academy’s mentors
Learn from experienced mentors who have helped >1000 students get into a tech career!


Will Live Stream Learning Work for Coding?

With Covid19, the lockdown and social distancing are redefining how NEXT Academy classes are conducted.

We have experimented and conducted LIVE stream/ online classes for our coding and digital marketing students. It has been an amazing experience for our students!

Our classes are conducted LIVE - not just lectures, but also our ability to provide real-time mentorship to look at your code through LIVE stream, LIVE voice as well as LIVE chat.

Be Guided & Get Your HTML, CSS, Bootstrap & JavaScript Certification

You will be guided by coding mentors and tap into their experiences. You will get to experience their thought processes and learn directly from them.

After the course is done, you will be able to get your HTML, CSS, Bootstrap & JavaScript certificate.

Be Guided & Get Your HTML, CSS, Bootstrap & JavaScript Certification

You will be guided by marketers and tap into their experiences. You will get to experience their thought processes and learn directly from them.

After the course is done, you will be able to get your Facebook & Instagram Advertising certificate.

2 Weeks, 80 Hours of Training

You will get online learning access with step-by-step resources. Not just that, your 10-day training will be as followed:

0930 - 1000: Class Start
1000 - 1100: Live Lecture
1100 - 1230: Coding challenges (Live Mentorship)
1230 - 1330: Lunch Break
1400 - 1500: Breakout/ Q&A (Live Stream)
1500 - 1830: Coding challenges (Live Mentorship)

Learn from coding mentors and practitioners!

Join the 2-Weeks Frontend Web Development with HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and JavaScript Masterclass today. Learn tips, tricks and strategies to start your coding journey while being guided by mentors and learning with peers.
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What You'll Learn

Our curriculum is designed in such a way that each topic builds onto one another.
  • HTML basics
  • Command line basics
  • Setup your computer
HTML Basics
  • Learn how to use HTML to block and build the scaffold of your website. You'll start to write a simple website for yourself without any styling. By the end of this module you'll have a good understanding of HTML to start writing CSS.
Styling With CSS
  • In this lesson, you will learn how to use CSS to improve how your HTML markup looks. You will build upon what your newly built HTML page and turn it into something more presentable.
Mobile Responsive Design
  • With more than 50% of web browsing being done on mobile phones it's imperative for developers to learn how to build mobile responsive websites.
Bootstrap 4 & The Web Design Workflow
  • Designing websites can be fun, but without a process, you'll be wasting a lot of time unnecessarily iterating and revising designs. In this week, we'll be teaching you how to use the web design workflow and Boostrap 4 - this are must have skills for front-end web developers.
Javascript I & Programming Basics
  • In this week, you'll learn fundamental programming concepts such as variables, functions, and datatypes using Javascript. This week is crucial as it will set a foundation for you to learn other programming languages if you choose to.
Javascript II & Computational Thinking
  • In the previous weeks, we cover mainly design, layouts and core programming concepts. This week will be quite different as you'll learn how to solve problems and write useful functions using computational thinking.
Building Interactive Features
  • Ever visited an online store with an interactive product gallery? That's just one of the features Javascript is capable of. In this week, you'll learn how to build interactive features for your website such as a dynamic image gallery, and a word guessing game
APIs & Libraries
  • Why reinvent the wheel? Learn how to utilize external information (using APIs) and use open sourced libraries to build your website features quicker!
Bonus: NodeJS
  • Learn NodeJS a back-end framework for Javascript. This will be an introduction to server sided web development. You'll learn the fundamental web communication protocol HTTP, the command line, and also build a simple NodeJS server.

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Frontend Web Development Online Live Masterclass
  • Online Learning Access with Online Curriculum for HTML/ CSS/ Bootstrap/ JavaScript
  • LIVE sessions with mentors:
    ➡️9:30am - 6:30pm (GMT +8)
  • Includes LIVE lectures, LIVE mentorship
Pre-requisite & Requirement
  • No programming background required
  • Have your own computer
A Certificate of Attendance will be provided upon 100% completion of the course
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HRDF Claimable
Check with your HR department today to check if they can send you for this training & be reimbursed by HRDF! 👍
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You can choose to join the full 3-Day HTML, CSS & Bootstrap Masterclass instead.
This includes:
  • HTML, CSS, Bootstrap
  • 2-weeks online LIVE training
  • Only RM300, and can choose to top up to JavaScript at RM1,200 later.
Weekday: Jun 8 - 10
Weekend: May 30, 31, Jun 6

Who Is NEXT Academy?

NEXT Academy has trained many people from different backgrounds to become coders.
E.g. journalists, accountants, engineers, DJs, waiters, students and more. Here's what they say.

Jordan Rao

Co-founder of Nucleus Solutions

"I had an exceptional journey from being interested in programming to actually being able to program. The journey was filled with challenges but it was definitely worth it."

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Tan Kok Ming

From college student to software developer

"When I came to NEXT it's really different because, they make you learn a lot of stuff in such a short time, that sometimes you might feel it's really hard but you have to keep going anyway."

Read More in Blog
Jeremy Ong

Founder of Hustlr

Because of this new skill I have, it has guided me in making technology decisions for my business.

Read More in Blog
Sampras Lee

Software Developer

"I left coding back in 2014 because I didn't really have the discipline to continue pursuing coding, so when I saw this Bootcamp I was like, yeah I think I need this. This is the kick up the butt I need."

Read More in Blog
Ton Pham

“I enjoyed learning at Next Academy. When I started, I hadn't touched a computer for about a year. I wouldn't say I was tech-savvy at all. I don't think you have to be very tech-savvy or know all the latest trends to get into programming.”

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Matt Cross

From Car Industry to Tech

"It was difficult at first coming in with very little knowledge coming into the bootcamp, and at the pace of which the bootcamp moves you HAVE to give 150% of your effort if not you are going to fall behind."

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Websites Our Students Built

With the power to code, you can now design and build your own websites.
Upon completion of the Frontend course, you will be able to proceed to our following ReactJS and Backend with Python course which will enable you to build apps such as Instagram, AirBnB and more.

Frequently Ask Questions

What can I do at the end of the program?

There is currently a huge shortage of skilled front-end developers and this will continue for decades to come as web development continues to evolve.

By the end of the program, you should have the skills to build websites. You should hone your skills further by continuing to design and code more websites. The more proficient you are, the more opportunity there will be when it comes to freelancing or even a job as a frontend web developer.

Are Quantum Degrees recognized by employers?

The Quantum Degree® is a qualification unique to NEXT Academy which applies to its various tech programs. To own the certificate is proof of your dedication to completing the comprehensive curriculum. Recognition of the Quantum Degree® among employers is also rising as more of our graduates set foot in the tech industry. Many of our past students come from unrelated industries, bearing zero tech knowledge, yet move on to be hired by companies such as AirAsia, Mindvalley, KFIT, Digi, and Grab, among many others. This is what the Quantum Degree® means to our graduates, and it can open similar doors for you as you set out to realize your own goals and ambitions.

Do I need to know anything before I learn to code at NEXT Academy?

No. Our program was designed for beginners in mind. Around 70% of our students have no experience with code and the rest have either Computer Science degrees or have tried to learn to code on their own before.

Having said that, these students have done well because they are serious about learning and have put in consistent effort daily to achieve their coding goal.

How does NEXT Academy compare with shorter courses available elsewhere?

From the feedback given by graduates of other shorter courses, they learned nowhere near what they were promised. We are aware that a lot of academies out there attempt to sell people something that already appeals to most people's lifestyle and budget. They charge less and minimize the duration of their program to appeal to people's taste in order for their academies to be highly profitable. There are probably exceptions. But to achieve anything great, sacrifice is needed. There were no cases where great people achieve great success with minimal sacrifice. NEXT Academy has a strong track record of graduates achieving great results and is dedicated to continuing the excellence without wavering standards. Our program isn't designed for everyone and only the hungriest and brightest people tend to join us.

Why is the course so expensive?

Many coding courses charge less and minimize the duration of their program to appeal to people's taste in order for their academies to be highly profitable. Furthermore, many of these courses have low touch point with the mentors or instructors.

We wanted to make our bootcamp accessible to as many as possible. We are glad to see that many of our students who have transitioned into a tech career even though they started with no coding background.

Why is the course so cheap?

Our goal is to create impact. We have seen companies sending their graphic designers to our course and now they contribute even more as a frontend coder/ designer.

We wanted to make this bootcamp, which was inspired by bootcamps in Silicon Valley, accessible to as many as possible so that we can make an impact in the tech ecosystem within this region.

How are NEXT Academy's full time classes like?

It's unlike your typical class/lecture that you are used to. The state of our mass education system, built in a whole other and older era, has spoonfed us and taught us to be good employees in the past. Things have changed. At NEXT Academy, there will be minimal lectures and maximum hands-on/self-driven learning. You will actually need to think and be intellectually stimulated.

The training focuses on hands-on learning with real-life coding scenarios. This will give you a holistic picture on why you use React and how to handle certain challenges when you are coding in React.

How about learning to code online, by myself?

It's certainly possible. Our founder, Josh, was self-taught. In his words, "It made me very independent compared to many computer science college graduates." However, it usually takes a long time to learn on your own because of the steep learning curve.

Many students who came to us told us that while they have the discipline to learn online, they had no mentors to turn to when they are stuck. Which is why, our courses are very much focused on mentorship.

I can't afford your tuition, what options do I have?

We might have a solution for you! We offer an instalment plan for either a 6-month or 12-month period, with 0% interest. This is only for Maybank cardholders. Unfortunately, debit cards are not accepted.

Furthermore, you can check with your company if they are HRDF (Human Resources Development Fund) registered. All our courses are HRDF approved, employees working for companies registered under the scheme will be able to upskill without the need of funding their own education.

Am I too old/young?

Our youngest student so far was 16 and our oldest was 43. You are never too old or too young to be ambitious. It's the attitude that matters most.

Do I need any formal education prior to enrolling into NEXT Academy?

No, you don't need any formal education prior to enrolling into NEXT Academy.

Why should I start with HTML, CSS & JavaScript

There are many ways to start learning to code. Beginners would usually need to learn the process of trying out the code they write and getting feedback from the computer. From our experience, beginners find that HTML and CSS make learning to code easier as there is a visual feedback to what they have just written. Basically, you get to see your outcome visually.

After which, JavaScript will enable them to manipulate the visual elements they have written. Not just that, with JavaScript, beginners will get to learn about problem solving and writing algorithms. This will prepare beginners for more advance programming, such as build a full fledge web app with a backend that's powered by other languages such as Python.

Is there a due date for enrolment?

Intakes will close 1-week before the intake's start date. We recommend enrolling 2-3 weeks before the intake starts to complete the prepwork.

I can't find a suitable intake, what can I do?

Join our Waiting List and we'll inform you once your preferred intake is open for registration.

Can I defer once I've enrolled?

No; once your learning duration has started. Yes; before your learning duration starts. However, under extreme situations with substantial proof, we will evaluate on a case-by-case basis.

Is this course HRDF claimable?

All our courses are HRDF (Human Resources Development Fund) approved, employees working for companies registered under the scheme will be able to upskill without the need of funding their own education.

How do I apply for the 0% monthly instalment plan?

Malaysian Maybank Credit Card holders are eligible for the 12-month 0% monthly installment plan. This can be done online.

Can I pay by cheque?

Yes, we accept payment by cheque, you'll have to come to our office to make the payment.

Start Your Coding Journey Today!

Let this 2-Weeks Frontend Web Development with HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and JavaScript Masterclass introduce you to the world of technology. In the future, you would be able to level up and build apps too!
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