Quantum Degree

Digital Marketing

Gain Real-World Experience And Learn The Fundamentals You Need
To Grow Your Business Or Launch Your Digital Marketing Career.

Why Take This
Quantum Degree

In 12 weeks, master in-demand skills and obtain a 360-degree understanding of the digital marketing ecosystem. Upon graduation, you’ll have real-world experience in digital marketing that will ready you for a career in digital marketing or accelerate your company’s growth.

Outcomes For You

You’ll graduate from this Quantum Degree with

360° Understanding

Gain a comprehensive overview of digital growth & marketing which can be applied to almost any business. Quantum Degree graduates have used their newfound talents to hop onto the entrepreneur’s journey, gain the skills needed to compete in the workplace, or even work remotely as digital marketers.

Real World Experience

You can’t learn marketing in a classroom — it needs to be applied. In addition to short virtual lectures, the Quantum Degree gives you the opportunity to gain real experience from idea validation, building your website, utilizing Google and Facebook ads, driving traffic, and so much more.

Community-Based Learning

You will not be learning alone. Network with like-minded peers, attend talks by industry experts to maximize your learning journey.


About The Instructor

Xin-Ci Chin (Xinch) is a digital marketing consultant and Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Quest Ventures, a leading venture fund for technology startups that have scalability and replicability in large internet communities. Quest Ventures' portfolio includes well-known Southeast Asia companies such as 99.co, Carousell, Ethis Ventures, Kapital Boost, MGAG/SGAG, ShopBack, Vulcan Post and Xfers.

She was the former CEO and Co-Founder of Watch Over Me, a personal safety service used by over 300,000 people in 100+ countries before it was acquired by Carousell in 2016. Since then, Xinch has been working with technology startups in Southeast Asia, assisting them in developing and executing on marketing strategies with a focus on marketing automation.

How Will I Learn

Learning Structure


1 - 2 hours / week

Learn on your own time.
You will have access to lectures via our Learning Portal.

Lectures are structured and delivered in short, bite-sized videos for maximum knowledge retention.

Hands-on Challenges

4 - 5 hours / week

Sharpen your skills.
Gain experiences by running real-live marketing campaigns.

Learn how to apply marketing techniques, analyze outcomes and improve on your campaigns.


3 - 4 hours / week

Learn from experts of the field.
Benefit from supportive and insightful mentors.

Get actionable insights and advice catered for your marketing campaigns.

What You'll Learn

Learn essential digital marketing strategies. You will get a 360-degree understanding over a broad range of topics.

  • Course 1

    Marketing Fundamentals

    Be a better marketer by learning how to design great marketing campaigns. This course will teach you to think like a proper marketer and design campaigns based on the key objectives set out. You will also learn how to segment your customers / potential customers properly and identify channels to communicate with them.

  • Course 2

    Website Optimization

    How do you make your website stand out from a million other websites? Learn what makes a good website. Learn the difference between landing and sales pages. Learn to identify key objective of a single web page. Get exposed to various platforms and ways to create great converting websites.

  • Course 3

    Tracking and Analytics

    How do you know if a certain advertising campaign is giving you good return on ad spent? Learn how to integrate tracking software (such as Google Analytics) on your marketing funnels (websites etc+). Understand the importance of tracking and measuring, and analyzing your visitors to improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Learn how to intepret data and create a data-driven culture for you and / or your marketing team.

  • Course 4

    Social Media Advertising

    A good business understands the importance of investing in their brand to get more customers. Modern technology has allowed businesses to easily create online advertising campaigns on a self-served basis but time and time again we see how businesses launch poorly design advertising campaigns and hence sacrificing their ROI. Learn how to create good social media advertising campaigns that will give your business a healthy positive ROI. In addition, learn what retargeting is, how it can increase your conversion and how to do it well on Facebook.

  • Course 5

    Email Marketing

    Marketing is more than just driving traffic to your website and waiting for your visitors to become customers. Learn how email marketing can be the most powerful conversion tool in your customers' journey. Some of the greatest internet marketers have equated sending emails to printing money. You will also learn how to integrate an email provider software within your customers' journey.

  • Course 6

    Search Engine Marketing (Google Adwords)

    Are you missing out on potential customers when they search for your product / service? Never let that happen with proper Search Engine Marketing! Similar to Social Media Advertising, Google Adwords, while important, can end up being a unnecessarily costly affair if done wrongly. Learn how to launch effective search advertising campaigns based on Google’s best practices.

  • Course 7

    Display Advertising

    Don't lose valuable traffic from new potential customers and recurring potential customers. Apart from social media sites, your potential customers could also be lurking around news portals, blogs and more. You can reach them effectively when you use display advertising. Maximize the potential reach of your business using one of the largest advertising platforms available - The Google Display Network. Learn how to launch effective display advertising campaigns which yields high ROI.

  • Course 8

    Content Marketing

    A huge part of marketing is centered around content. Learn how to craft effective content marketing campaigns which form the core of your entire digital marketing strategy. Effective content marketing also acts as a compliment to all your other existing digital marketing channels. You will see how good content strategy being the reason why your ROI is better than your competitors!

  • Course 9

    Social Media Marketing

    Consumers and businesses are increasingly spoilt for choices. Learn to convince skeptical customers to choose you. In addition, learn to increase customer loyalty to your brand on social media to create a level of trust and relationship.

  • Course 10

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    The idea of free traffic is indeed attractive. However, it takes effort and man-hours to rank highly for targeted keywords. Learn how to perform SEO both on-site and off-site to ensure that man-hours invested for SEO purposes turns into a good longer term investment.

  • Course 11

    Influencer & Referral Marketing

    Word-of-mouth is always the most powerful marketing. Learn various ways your business can leverage on influencers to promote your business. Learn ways to also have your own customers refer their friends to your products / services.

  • Course 12

    Other Marketing Channels

    Learn what and how to use various other channels (live chat, whatsapp etc+) for your business to utilize to complete the package to deliver great customer experience. On top of that, be exposed to a few new upcoming channels such as WeChat and more.

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What Our Past Graduates Say

Founder Of Grindz

"I find the course very good. The experience is hands-on and it's very practical instead of theory based. They provide a lot of insights and tools which I've never beed exposed to before."

Aspiring Entrepreneur

"I would definitely recommend this course to those who wants to learn digital marketing. They've got really good mentors and there's so much you can tap into."


"It was really awesome. The instructors were all very helpful and I bombarded them with questions from day 1 till the last day. I liked that it wasn't just theory, I was able to apply it at work as well. It was a perfect learning ground for me."

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What Industry Leaders Say About NEXT Academy

Khailee Ng

Khailee is a Managing Partner of Silicon Valley’s most active seed venture capital firm, 500 Startups. The firm has done over 1,600 investments in 50 countries, of which he has led 120+ investments in Southeast Asian tech startups, including Grab, Carousell, Bukalapak and other regional champions. Previously, he has co-founded GroupsMore (acquired by Groupon) and SAYS.com (acquired by Catcha Group).

Frequently Asked Questions

In general, Digital Marketers are extremely in demand all over the world. There is currently a huge shortage of skilled digital marketers and this will continue for decades to come. NEXT Academy has links with many technology startups across the region and will attempt to connect its talented graduates with the best startups.
Yes, the skills that you gain from the Quantum Degree trains you to become a digital marketer. Our curriculum is crafted by industry experts who have remarkable experiences in the field of digital marketing.
This Quantum Degree will cover these important aspects of learning:

1. Gain Knowledge
You will learn the fundamental theories by accessing course content via our learning portal at your own pace. Content will be in the form of bite-sized videos to retain your attention-span, short quizzes that checks your topic understanding, and hands-on challenges that requires you to run marketing campaigns for your e-commerce business.

2. Skills Mastery
You will attend full-day classes on Saturdays, where expert mentors will be present to provide guidance and support. Leverage on these mentors as they have vast experiences in their relevant industries.

3. Networking
You will not be learning alone. There will be networking opportunities with your peers and we'll bring in industry leaders for discussions/panel talks.
We’ve realized that many students were unable to attend the Saturday in-person session due to travel and work commitments
(12 weeks is a long time). So, we wanted to provide an alternative option where students can attend the sessions, receive personalized mentorship, ask questions and view recordings, completely online from the comfort of the home or wherever they are.
A laptop with Google Chrome, a credit card (Setting up your ads accounts on Facebook and Google)
"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take"
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