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Coding Course Review

Check out what our students say about NEXT Academy's coding courses which are held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Courses include:
Full Stack Web Development (Frontend + Backend)
Frontend Web Development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
Frontend Web Development (ReactJS)
Backend Web Development (Python, SQL, Flask)


Learning To Code

70-80% of our students started with minimal to zero coding knowledge. After the course, majority of them want to pursue a tech career as a coder or as technopreneurs.

At NEXT Academy, our students are ambitious & driven. They are hungry to learn and excited to see where code can bring them. They are committed and we are excited to mentor them.

If that describes you perfectly, then you'll be coming to the right place with like-minded peers.

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Students & Alumni Reviews

...and when I saw my code becoming the app I've always wanted to build; the effort, the time, the challenges - it was all worth it.

"If anyone would like to venture into machine learning, AI, or data science. I would recommend Python as your first programming language to learn!"

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Gloria Teng

It teaches you to gather information and acquire knowledge in a very different way compared to universities.

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Cheryl Siew

Director of CIMB Investment Bank

My coding journey was really fun with the mentoring guidance from experienced Mentors at NEXT Academy. I found out that coding is actually not that tough! Now that I can finally code, my curiosity has now skyrocketed!

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Simon Lee

Digital Marketer-cum-coder

"With the knowledge I've learned from the React JS bootcamp, I was able to build my own interactive mobile app! It also taught me to be more creative when solving problems in React JS."

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Nicole Lin

Operations Director to ReactJS Coder

You can actually create anything your mind can generate, out of almost zero cost.

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Shanq Yeet

Project Manager to Full Stack Coder

"It was difficult at first coming in with very little knowledge coming into the bootcamp, and at the pace of which the bootcamp moves you HAVE to give 150% of your effort if not you are going to fall behind."

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Matt Cross

From Car Industry to Tech

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Hands-On Coding with Mentor Guidance.

You will be solving challenges and building your app ideas. You will be working together with your fellow peers and mentors as you code. If this is what you are looking for, join us!

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