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Help Mr Rabbit catch mooncakes with this cute Mid-Autumn Festival game created by JW with
only HTML/CSS and JavaScript!
Front-end Web Development Projects
Take a look at what our students can create with our 2-week HTML, CSS and JavaScript course
next academy rabbit catching mooncakes game
Catch the moooncakes for Mr Rabbit in this game built in conjunction with the Mid-autumn Festival.
bintang tobing game
Word guessing game and tic-tac-toe game build with HTML, CSS, and Javascript during the front end bootcamp.
jyemiin portfolio website
Graduate's portfolio website with all assignments done during the bootcamp with HTML and CSS.
Full-stack Web Development Project
From 0 coding experience to full-fledged apps!
Check out our student creations after 10-weeks in our web dev bootcamp.
a laptop showing a next academy student having a video call with digital marketing mentors
Lock N Roll is an IOT project powered by a web app. It will auto-lock the door for you from a certain radius.
a bunch of phones with go gai gai app, a next academy student project app for female solo travellers
Make solo travelling safer with this awesome app! Go Gai Gai can detect danger zones and also potential threats with its machine learning capabilities.
interface of helikopter chrome extention app
A Chrome extension to help users to block out content that they don't want to see in their browser.

Our Students Are Making A Difference

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