We want to see you make an impact and we are committed to help you so long you are committed to put in the effort in learning to code. It is not an easy journey, but with a good attitude, an open mind, you will be able to make it happen.

We are excited to announce that starting from 2018, students who’ve failed to get a job or internship after joining our 10-week Full-Stack Web Development Quantum Degree will get to repeat the backend bootcamp up to 3 times FOR FREE. If things still don’t work out after 3 resits, we’ll refund your money.

We have graduated over 1,000 students to date, and our web development graduates are scattered across the globe — working in startups, freelancing, or even founded their own tech companies.

Our mission is to grow the tech ecosystem in this region, we want to see innovative tech solutions emerging from Southeast Asia, and not just from Silicon Valley or China.

To make that happen, we want to be able to educate people who eat, breathe, and sleep tech; people who are genuinely interested to change their lives and careers through tech education so that they can make a dent in history.

If you want to join our 10-week Full Stack Web Development Quantum Degree, but you’re unsure if you could make the jump into a tech career, rest assured that we’re committed to help you reach your goals, so long as you’re able to show us that you really want to code and you’re driven enough to make the career switch.

To be eligible for your free resits or refund in the event that you cannot secure employment, you will have to demonstrate a willingness to commit yourself to our syllabus, as well as your efforts in applying for jobs.

NEXT Academy reserves the right to revoke any eligibilities if it finds that you do not sufficiently meet these terms and conditions.

  • Intake
    Only students who have enrolled in 2018 onwards are eligible.
  • Attendance
    You must have attended over 98% of the classes in your prior intake, unless there were valid reasons for absence (which need to be accompanied by show of proof, such as medical certificates).
  • Punctuality
    You will need to have attended classes throughout the entire day, from 930am to 630pm. Habitual lateness or early departure may affect your eligibility. Your attendance and timing are recorded.
  • Participation in Learning
    You will need to show reasonable effort that you are serious in learning while you were at the bootcamp. Being physically in class but working on non-bootcamp related matters would not help you with learning to code. While we understand that there are occasionally some matters you need to attend to, it should not spend more than 10% of your time in class. If it does, you would be treated as absent from class and this will affect your eligibility.

    Some examples include: gaming during class hours, watching/ reading non-coding/ non-bootcamp related matters or videos during class hours, working on client’s or business projects that are non-coding and non-bootcamp related.

    We take learning seriously. The bootcamp resit is meant for you to further upskill and strengthen your knowledge. If you don’t have the right attitude, you won’t be able to learn no matter how many times you resit the bootcamp.
  • Job-Seeking Efforts
    Within 6 months of your most recent graduation date, you will need to show us that you have attempted to secure a job or internship, but were rejected due to technical skills.

    • You will have to be eligible for employment in the country that you wish to seek employment in.
    • You will need to present a minimum of 6 rejection letters. You’ll need at least 2 rejections for Python Junior roles AND at least 2 tech internship applications.
  • Refunds Are For Back-End Only
    As the Back-End portion makes up the majority of the course, and because there is the most demand in the job market for this field, you will be refunded the full costs for your Back-End Web Development portion, should you be deemed eligible for it.

The terms that NEXT Academy has put in place are brief enough that those who are genuinely striving to find a career in the tech industry will be able to meet these requirements.This is to ensure that those in need of assistance will be able to get the necessary support required to join the tech industry. Each condition that’s put in place has their specific reasons, which are listed as follows:

  • 10 weeks is a short amount of time to learn a new skill. You will be learning something new every single day. Because of that, you cannot afford to miss classes at all.
  • Throughout the day, there will be lectures, group activities, and breakout sessions related to the topic. If you miss any of these events due to lateness, it will affect your learning drastically.
  • The job-seeking process requires a proactive effort on your end. When it comes to job applications, 6 rejection letters is considered minimal in comparison to market statistics.
  • During the bootcamp resit, you may be provided with a learning plan that is different from the class with the goal to identify your gaps and strengthen your knowledge as opposed to learning from scratch.

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