Here are some common questions which we get….

“What’s the difference between frontend and backend programming?”

What’s the difference between a website and an app?Have you ever thought about it?

Trivia ⁉️: Is Facebook.com a website or an app?

With backend, you can now store and retrieve data from your database.

Frontend is everything we can see on the browser where you use:‍
  • 💀 HTML for structure
  • 👩🎤 CSS for beautifying
  • 🗣🎙💃 JavaScript for interactivity
If you have no backend to your website, your website will remain static and the same forever. But if you have a backend…

Backend allows you to store data and retrieve for display.

For example, when you add Audrey as a friend on Facebook, Facebook will store your friend’s data and link it to your account in their database!

So now, you’re on the sofa scrolling your newsfeed 📱, Facebook will then go to its backend to find your friend’s posting and then link it to the frontend to display it to your newsfeed!

That’s why you can see Audrey‘s post on Facebook! 💃

Now that you know the difference between frontend and backend, you might be thinking, “how should I start?”

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Our graduates join us from all walks of life, find out what they have to say about us!

Emika Ijuin

Engineer to Full-stack coder

Coming to NEXT Academy bootcamp really helped me tremendously. It increased my speed of learning, and it’s so exciting that I can learn together with like-minded people from all over the world!
Jeffrey Soong

Restaurateur to Full-stack Coder

Coding is really just one part of the journey at NEXT Academy. You get people from around the world coming to this bootcamp! You have people with different backgrounds and diverse experiences come to share what they've learned in their life.
Sean Mitchell

Entrepreneur & Full-stack Coder

As a business owner, I wanted to learn to code to be more involved in my tech media business. I joined NEXT Academy and throughout the course, I rebuilt my entire site from scratch and included my own features.
Abdal Aziz

Full-stack Coder

I had some application ideas for my country, but I didn't know how to code. I decided to join NEXT Academy to make an impact to my country. It has been an amazing journey.

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