Want more than
a job?

We want to raise the standard of living for all. We want people to enjoy the career they are in and if not, have the option to change. There is a massive disconnect between education and jobs/entrepreneurship.

We believe that the best way to do this is to re-imagine how we empower people with the latest skills, knowledge and enriching network.

The true purpose of an education is never about getting a degree. Education is also not just about passing on knowledge from generation to generation. In fact, education is not just for kids. Education is for all.

Our goal is to enable millions of people to live richer and more satisfying lives. We want to transform the way people consume education and that is why we need your help in changing the way education is delivered and creating the best learning experience for learners to transform their lives.

Join us because you want more than just a job. Join us to change lives.

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Available Positions

What are you passionate about?

Software Engineering


If you are keen on empowering individuals to pursue successful careers in technology through education, then join us as a mentor!

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Sales Rockstar


Our goal is to empower individuals with the skills and exposure to capture the growing opportunities in technology. If you want to be the person to inspire and close the sales, join us! It’s not just sales, we want to help people reach greater heights!

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Digital Marketer


To be the storyteller and ambassador of NEXT Academy on why it’s important for everyone to start equipping themselves with these new tech skills

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Who do we look for?

Alignment matters for you and for us. Here are the values and traits you can find while working at NEXT Academy.

Mission Focused

We are looking for passionate individuals who are on the same mission with us.

Innovative & Smart

Someone who can think creatively and is data driven (we believe in numbers over gut feel!)


Experimenting is part of our culture and you cannot be afraid of failure.

Continuous Learning & Growing

We focus on continuous learning and we share our knowledge so that everyone can grow together.

Attitude of Excellence

We give 110% to everything we do. We are constantly improving ourselves.

Spontaneous & Fun

We do fun, crazy and random stuff all the time. Make sure you are ready for it!

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take"
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