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5 Great Career Paths A Coder Can Take

Five great career paths you can consider if you know coding.

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If you are a coder and you want to start your carer, here are 5 great career paths you can take!

1. Work in a start-up

A start-up is newly-started entrepreneurial venture. It typically has a work culture that encourages creative problem solving and open communication.

Due to the small size of start-ups, everyone works together and is impacted by each other’s work. As a result, you will build your team-working skills. You will learn from each other and grow together as a team. The team in a start-up is typically small so you may take on more responsibility, and consequently grow faster.

You can gain a lot of hands-on experience from working in a start-up due to the fast-moving nature. You can also take on different roles from being exposed to different departments in the company.

2. Work in a big tech company

The job scope is typically smaller and more specialised in a big company. You may also get one-on-one mentorship from your boss or superior to help you improve your skills and move up the career ladder.

Working at a big and well-known company is always a great addition to your resume as it will be eye-catching and impressive to future employers.

Large tech companies keep up-to-date on the latest trends and changes in tech, so you will always discover new frameworks or advances.

3. Be your own boss!

Have an idea of your own? Code it into your first MVP (minimum viable product). Then, reach out to your first customers to test for product-market fit.

Once you get product-market fit, it’s time to grow. Hire a tech team to support you as you’ll need to start running a business.

Next, raise funds or bootstrap and work towards business sustainability.

Always remember, hustle, hustle, hustle. It won’t be easy, but it’s a rewarding experience.

4. Be a freelance web developer

There are numerous freelance developer jobs advertised on the Internet; you just need to find the right one for you.

You won’t be confined to an office so you can work at your own pace and in your own time. This is especially suitable for disciplined, self-motivated coders who are good at managing their time and priorities. The amount you make is dependent on the number of jobs you take on, so if you’re confident in your skills and time-management, you can consistently take on new gigs.

You can also do freelance gigs on the side to earn extra income if you have a full-time job or other commitments.

If you try and find that freelancing is not suitable for you, fret not! The experience is still valuable. You can add it to your portfolio and impress future employers with it.

5. Be a digital nomad

Take advantage of technology and become a digital nomad! Work remotely from anywhere in the world! This is suited for those who want to travel but still want (or need) a steady income.

There are a lot of web development opportunities out there where companies don’t require you to work on-site.

Having a flexible work schedule means no more strict 9 – 5. You can work any time, anywhere!

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