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What is the best time to audit your content?

When you publish content on your social media channels, it is also important to check how they perform. But, when is the best time to audit your content?

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Bob: Today we going to go through questions and hope you get the value out of this for content. So let’s move onto the next question sent by Anna. It’s like what is the best time to run a content audit? So first we need to explain what’s a content audit.

Audrey: Okay I think content audit is really, when we run content audit, especially for SEO-related content, we will actually use a system, something like screening for what not to see, what other things we’ve done so far. At the same time, what are the key words that we have and tools like Ahrefs will also be able to tell you how this content ranking. Some of these tools are really powerful to help you see if all this content actually provides, being up there in Google, on SERP, but at the same time, you can also do a content audit to make sure that, hey, you have let’s say 100 content, 100 pieces of content, you set things that need to be updated, this content conflicting with one another as well, sometimes you need to look through it. So I think how often you want to run content audit–

Bob: I think if you mean content audit in terms of social media, you could possibly run it every month.

Audrey: Yeah

Bob: So what you do during a content audit is you see what are the content that gets the most traction. So the ones that get the most shares and the most likes so you can make a calculated assumption that these are content that the audience likes. This why you do a content audit. Secondly, when you do a content audit, before you do a content audit, I guess now we talk about a content strategy, you actually set objectives. So if you say that one month you want to have like ten video content, or five articles, so at the end of the month, besides looking at the engagement and the shareability, you also look at whether or not you keep your objectives. So all that counts after you set a very proper content strategy.

Audrey: Yeah, exactly. I think, just to really recap, when we are talking about content, there are two sorts of content. One is content that is happening on social media. One is organic content like the one that spoke about SEO-centric content. So I think that when it comes to audit, like he’s saying, if it’s content on social media, what you want to see is how other people engaging. You want to be able to spot what are the things that people seem to like in your page or in your group, in your Instagram or whatnot. When it comes to SEO, you want to when it comes to SEO-centric content, you need to start seeing things like that keeps the Google Crawler in mind a little bit to see if they are up there where you want it to be. I get appearing on, let’s just say the first page, for example. Different content, or different platforms, you need to see it differently.

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